What To Expect From DomainInvesting.com


I’ve had a few discussions with readers and friends about the new branding of my blog, and I want to share with you what you can expect to find when you come here. Some of what I am sharing was mentioned in the article announcing the rebranding, and I discussed a bit more with Andrew Allemann.

As I mentioned in the press release announcing the news, there are no plans to change the daily operations of the website. Even though I rebranded and removed the personal branding, I don’t have plans to change the way I write or change the content. I believe people read the blog because I am candid about how I see things in this business, and I share personal anecdotes and experiences. That won’t change. Frankly, it wouldn’t make sense considering there are almost 4,000 posts here with that tone. I like writing as if you and I are having a conversation, and I don’t want to lose the ability to do that.

I plan to ask experts to post articles about various topics that are in the news. For instance, if there’s something big happening in the IDN space, I might ask Aaron from IDN Blog to write a post to give his insight about what is happening. There are plenty of areas associated with domain names in which I don’t feel that I am competent enough to give my opinion, and it will be nice to have an expert offer his or her opinion. I have done that with my blog in the past, but I always felt it looked strange having posts from other people on “Elliot’s Blog,” and I think Google automatically assumes a “guest post” label is spammy.

I don’t have plans to sell my blog either. I agree with some of the comments that were made regarding the value of owning this brand for my blog. Yes, it will probably help me sell the blog in the future. That’s not in the cards right now. I still enjoy blogging, and since it’s pretty isolating sitting by myself in my home office, it is a great opportunity to interact with people throughout the day.

I appreciate the fact that you’ve been visiting my blog for so long (some of you have known me since I started in 2007), and I hope that DomainInvesting.com continues to be a valuable source of information and insight about domain name investing. Thanks for reading and sharing your feedback!


  1. Sir Elliot,
    As I said many times again and again, you always worry about what others think about you. You made a good move on the domaininvesting.com and it will be taken seriously now.

    What I don’t understand is how the dislike feature works? I can write something nice about your blog yet people dislike it. Are they “dislike” me?

    I will always read your blog.

  2. They don’t dislike the comments, they dislike ME.

    The 1st 15 seconds is the part where they will decide to hire you are not just by the way you look regardless of your qualifications.

    I guess institutional racism exists in the domain world too.

  3. Ron–you are so correct.

    Again, how does this “dislike” feature work?

    How can Elliot’s, Ron’s and other people that have commented very well on your blog get “dislike”?

    • Josh

      I like the new look and the new domain!


      I like the new look too and love the domain name of this site.

      So please tell me why someone “dislike” it?? It is so pathetic!!

  4. The domain name has added a lot of value to your blog Elliot.

    Don’t worry what others say. Going be a cash cow on .clusterfuck

    Keep doing what your doing. Congratulations!

  5. I assume this new beginning will bring more followers to Domain Investing.

    DI “I plan to ask experts to post articles about various topics that are in the news.”

    I think, it’s great. But, would like to know how many such articles will be published monthly?

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