VVV.com on NameJet: A Look at All Repeating LLL.com Names

NameJet distributed a press release today announcing the upcoming sale of the triple repeating VVV.com domain name. The press release stated that it “is believed to be the first time in history, a 3 letter repeating .com domain name is being offered in public auction.” VVV.com was recently owned by Andrew Rosener’s Media Options, but the domain name is now under privacy so I do not know if his company still owns it.

Obviously, there are only 26 3 letter repeating .com domain names, and I thought it would be interesting to see how each of these are being used. Here ย is what I found for these LLL.com domain names:

  • AAA.com – AAA
  • BBB.com – Forwards to Better Business Bureau website
  • CCC.com – Cole Computer Consulting
  • DDD.com – Company called DDD that trades on London Stock Exchange
  • EEE.com – Parked
  • FFF.com – Forwards to PFOA.com
  • GGG.com – Forwards to GirlsGoGames.com
  • HHH.com – Forwards to 3Character.com
  • III.com – Company called Innovative
  • JJJ.com – Chinese website
  • KKK.com – KKK
  • LLL.com – Not working
  • MMM.com – Forwards to 3M.com
  • NNN.com – Bad Gateway
  • OOO.com – Chinese website
  • PPP.com – PPP.com landing page
  • QQQ.com – Forwards to 7Q.com
  • RRR.com – Risk Retention Reporter website
  • SSS.com – Network Solutions default landing page
  • TTT.com – Coming soon
  • UUU.com – Forwards to a Google login page
  • VVV.com – Auction
  • WWW.com – Parked
  • XXX.com – Adult website
  • YYY.com – Does not resolve
  • ZZZ.com – Internet Communications, Inc.

With pre-bidding underway, VVV.com has 266 bidders participating with a high bid of $20,000. The auction is a reserve auction, and it has not yet met its reserve. The backorder deadline to participate in this auction is Monday. My guess is VVV.com will sell for low 6 figures (assuming reserve is met). As a comparable, the longer VVVV.com domain name sold for $22,100 on NameJet in December of 2014.

The (non-affiliate) link to the VVV.com auction can be found here.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of DomainInvesting.com. Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the DomainInvesting.com Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
  1. Thanks for the post Elliot. MediaOptions does still owns VVV.com but we are near certain that it will be sold in the auction since we currently have 5 offers which are already above the reserve price! The reserve is well below the 6 figure mark, I can tell you that!

    There are only 5 repeating letter LLL.com domains left in investor hands out of the 26 possible combinatiosn and the cheapest one is $300,000!!! The next one after that is $400,000.

    VVV.com could be anything to anyone in any country! That makes it truly unique and virtually priceless!

    • >> “The reserve is well below the 6 figure mark” <<

      Sounds like $30-40k to me.

      Why you refer to valuation of similar domains in $300-400k range, which is about 10 times more?

      Am I missing something? This makes no sense.

    • Mike,
      It’s clear as day. He’s saying that the reserve is tens of thousands of dollars below 100K despite similar names having asking prices of 300K plus.

      He’s also saying he’s going to let the auction play its course even though he’s had private offers near the $100K mark.

      In short, he’s confident that the auction will go well.

    • Mike –

      Not sure why that sounds like $30k – $40k to you, but if you feel that is what it is worth, then bid away!

      Similar domains have all sold in the $250k – $5 Million range. There is not one single domain in this category (repeating LLL.com or NNN.com) which is available under $300,000 right now. NOT ONE.

      I will pay you $5,000 personally, and I mean it, if you can buy ANY repeating CCC.com (letter or number) for under this price and sell it to me.

      Anyhow, all I was saying that the offers which are coming to us directly outside of NameJet are well above the reserve we have in place.

      The name will sell to the highest bidder, that I’m sure of…

  2. Andrew,

    Just say “Watch DomainSherpa on Monday”. You described it very well at the end of the show.


    Nice write up and research. And there is no such thing as a Namejet affiliate link but thanks for letting us know. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I think Picasso would feel insulted if someone told him that in the future a virtual address comprised of three repeating letters in the English alphabet would fetch more than one of his sketches in the aftermarkets!!

  4. Elliot,

    There are only 26 x-letter repeating .com domain names, not just 3-letter, but also 4-letter, 5-letter, …, 10-letter. I see nothing special about that. Should be AAAAAAAA.com special because there is only 26 8-letter repeating .com domain names? Nope.

    Domain VVV.com is 3-letter .com name, more likely less valuable then some other letter combinations, because this abbreviation is very rare in meaning. In average, how much are LLL.com valued? Not low 6-figure, but low 5-figure.

    • Mike – you are missing the point entirely! VVV.com doesn’t even need to be an abbreviation for anything, although it could be. ANY repeating combination of letters or numbers stands alone on it’s own feet as a highly memorable brand.

      Here is a perfect example: Do you even know what “AAA” stands for? I bet that 90% of Americans have no idea what “AAA” stands for, but they know that if they get a flat tire, that’s who they are going to call to come and fix it.

      Telling someone to visit your website at “Triple V” or “Triple A” is as easy as telling someone to visit Apple.com. It stands out, it’s unique and can not be replaced or replicated.

      These are the types of assets that take a domain portfolio to the next level.


  5. Mike – in addition, just the very fact that VVVV.com already sold for $22,100 I think sets the bar pretty high for VVV.com. Generally speaking, the 3 letter version should sell for 10 times that of the 4 letter. Whether or not we reach those types of numbers is yet to be seen, but to say that this domain sells under $50,000 just makes you look silly and uneducated about the market.

    Or perhaps you have an agenda you are trying to push?

    If you are so confident about the value (or lack there of) of VVV.com, then I propose a wager! If you would be so kind as to identify yourself like the others who are leaving comments, well I would be more than happy to bet you $5,000 USD cold hard cash that this domain sells for MORE than $50,000 and you can bet me the same that it sells for less than $50,000 as you stated above. In fact, I’m so confident that it will sell that I’ll even make it easier for you: I’ll raise the line to $75,000. If this domain doesn’t sell for more than $75,000 you win. But if you lose, you owe me $5,000. How does that sound?

    Either way, I wish you well bidding!

    • LMFAO, you are funny! Mike, saying that VVV.com is worth $30k makes you about the worst Lowballer ever you maggot!

      You hide behind these comments, you make accusations and slander me without providing any evidence or reason for such false accusations. You are a wanker troll who probably isn’t qualified to judge the value of a domain and hasn’t made a single dollar of profit in the domain space. You get jealous when others make money and see success because you have never seen either in your lifetime. Nor will you with that attitude.

      You won’t take my bet because you are a pussy not because you don’t like me! You don’t have the balls to slap down some money where your fat mouth is.

      And even more importantly, you probably are just trying to influence the outcome of the auction. You clearly have an agenda. You want to deflate people’s perceived value of VVV.com so that you can hope and pray that you might get it at an undermarket value. Good luck with that!

  6. And Andrew is absolutely right. Repetition at its most powerful comes in threes. Maybe there are 26 combinations of 4 letter, 5 letter, 22 letter repeating domains, but the power in the treble cannot be rivaled.


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