Video: GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving on CNBC


As you already know, GoDaddy went public this morning, trading on the NYSE under the GDDY ticker symbol. GDDY stock is off to a solid start, and it is now trading well above its $20 opening price at around $26/share. After watching CNBC for a while this morning, it seems that most people agree that this was a great start for GoDaddy.

Shortly after GoDaddy stock began trading, CNBC interviewed GoDaddy CEO Blake Irving. He made some interesting comments on the company’s growth, marketing tactics, branding and rebranding efforts, and cash flow. If you did not have a chance to see the interview with Mr. Irving when it was broadcast live, I embedded the videos below.

Today was a very good day for GoDaddy.

Here are the two videos of Blake Irving’s interview on CNBC:


  1. Hi Elliot,
    Thank you for the post. I like GoDaddy and I have a lot of names with them, their customer service is superb. Certainly Blake Irving is quite impressive as well.

    What I am curious about and perhaps you can help me understand,
    their tag line/slogan is – “Its Go Time” they are using it all over the place
    and they don’t own the Dot Com domain name?

    Whats that about? Its hard for me to believe that they didn’t or couldn’t acquire

    Do you have any insight into this?

    Thank you Elliot for all that you contribute to the Domain Names Space and the whole Domainer Industry.

    Bradley Arthur

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