GoDaddy Goes Public


I woke up to many more emails than normal this morning. A large percentage of those were Google Alerts and other emails about GoDaddy’s initial public offering. GoDaddy stock is set to begin trading on the New York Stock Exchange today under the GDDY stock ticker symbol.

This is a major milestone for the company, which is valued “at around $4.5 billion, including debt,” according to Rec/Code. There have been quite a few articles written by financial publications with opinions on the company, its valuation, and the IPO. Here is an assortment of articles:

With GoDaddy’s IPO news, there has also been quite a bit of coverage of the domain name space. Rightside stock has been on a tear of late, and other companies like Endurance,, and even Google have been covered for their connection to the domain name space. The GoDaddy IPO should bring additional analyst and investor interest  on to the space. I don’t know if this will have any impact on domain investing or domain name investments, but I have enjoyed reading the analysis and coverage of this sector.

Two weeks ago, I posted a poll asking if you are going to buy GoDaddy stock. The results were mixed, with about 35% of people stating that they are going to buy GoDaddy stock when it begins trading on the NYSE. I don’t really do my own stock market trading, so I am unsure about whether I will own GoDaddy stock today or in the future. On one hand it is good to own stock of a company I like, but on the other hand, I am pretty heavy on investments in the domain space.

Today is a big day for GoDaddy, its founders, employees, and others connected with the company. It will be interesting to follow the company’s performance and outside analysis in the days ahead.

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