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UDRPSearch.comI am an active user of As someone who writes about the business of domain name investing, I think it is important to stay aware of new and ongoing UDRP proceedings. I also think is a good way for me to assess some risk when acquiring a domain name.

The percentage of UDRP filings compared to domain names is miniscule. Although a bright light is usually cast on UDRP proceedings that involve generic and/or otherwise valuable domain names, there are probably proceedings that go undetected or were filed before domain industry publications existed. Although I know of many UDRP filings, there are likely hundreds of UDRP proceedings filed against valuable domain names I don’t know of off the top of my head.

When buying a domain name, it is important to know if a UDRP had been filed against the name previously. I wouldn’t want to buy a domain name that was once subject to a UDRP and then have the company take another shot at a UDRP proceeding after an ownership change. I generally do a search for the domain name in before agreeing to buy it to ensure I am not buying a “risky” domain name.

In addition to searching for specific domain names, I can also search the website for specific keywords. Perhaps a company has filed several domain names with a specific keyword, and if I purchase a domain name with the keyword, the company could be monitoring changes in that space and decide to file a UDRP. This additional research may be unnecessary, but it can help identify potential risks.

There is no real way to completely eliminate UDRP / legal risk when buying a domain name. A company could file a UDRP seemingly out of the blue because they want it and think they should have the right to own it. However, I like to do what I can to identify and potentially mitigate risk prior to buying a domain name instead of potentially being blindsided. I would kick myself if I bought a name that had a UDRP history that I didn’t see only to have a UDRP filed again after I bought it. I think is a good tool to assess some risk.

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  1. I do use UDRPsearch but only when I am not 100% sure on a domain name that I reg or just to read the panel’s decision on cases. I mainly use tess to figure out if I should register the name or not. You brought up some good points that I should look at more often before registering any domain in the future.

    Thank you.

  2. Some very valid points there Elliot. Most ppl over look legal aspects and risks while acquiring or making aftermarket purchases, however this is an important resource to be kept in sight while making purchases.

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