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ganjapreneur-logoGanjapreneur, a website targeting professionals in the cannabis and marijuana trade, announced a new domain name sales marketplace. As you would expect, the focus is on domain names related to the business of cannabis and marijuana. With the legal status of marijuana and cannabis usage changing in many states over the last few years, this industry is growing considerably.

The company announced the launch of the marketplace in a blog post yesterday, and Andrew Rosener, CEO of Ganjapreneur, shared some additional information about the domain name sales marketplace:

“I’m really excited to announce a new marketplace for cannabis domain names and any domain name that may be a good brand fit for an upcoming  cannabis startup or product.  After all, many of the best brands don’t inherently imply cannabis at all.  The marketplace is highly curated (pun  intended) and our objective is to eliminate all the noise (filter out low quality domains). To do so, we charge $99 per domain listing and  manually review each and every domain submitted.  We also offer a substantial discount for listings of 10 domains or more. This ensures that  sellers have some skin in the game and are serious about selling their domains.  In return we will bring the best buyers available to your  listings.  We are also price / value checking every domain.  We will not allow names which we don’t think are priced accurately or within reason.    To be sure, our target market is end users:  cannabis processors, growers, dispensary owners, manufacturers, real estate operators, investors &  dreamers.  Although, there certainly are great value opportunities as well for savvy domain investors in the know.

We feel strongly that the “pay to play” model of marketplace is justified and appropriate in this case.  Between our organic web traffic, podcast,  newsletter, video content and our Social Media presence, and our other media channels reach nearly 5 million people monthly!  According to a recent survey we conducted, our subscriber base is 70% cannabis business owners or people who are planning to launch a cannabis  business. What that means is, even if we can’t guarantee that your domain name will sell, we can guarantee that it will be seen by the most  relevant audience of potential buyers in the World!”

An interesting addition to the news is that I am told (and Rightside) are partnering with Ganjapreneur “to bring to market some of their own premium cannabis related domain names from their new and existing TLD’s,” Andrew told me. Of note is that is located in Denver, Colorado, which is probably the most marijuana-friendly area in the United States. I would imagine there are plenty of cannabis-related keyword domain names in the new extensions that the company could offer for sale.

I don’t have details about commissions, brokerage services, or other pertinent details about marketing, so you’ll need to connect with the Ganjapreneur team to learn more.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I only own a few cannabis related domains like and some vaping names like and, among others.
    I don’t smoke or use cannabis myself, but cannabis and vaping domains are hard to ignore as Investments.

  2. Reaching 5 million people through a podcast, newsletter, social media, etc… is a meaningless figure for this purpose. The number they should be giving is how much unique traffic does their domain sale page on the site receive a month because this is how many people could potentially look at your domain. And if you’re going to charge a $99 listing fee and a 15% commission then this monthly traffic number better be at least five figures.

  3. Thanks for the post Elliot. We are very excited about the new marketplace and the feedback has been amazing already. We’ve received lots of submissions and are working through those to get suitable domains listed ASAP!

    We will be marketing the new marketplace heavily thoughout our website, on our podcast, on our newsletter & social media. So I believe that our total users, visitors and social media engagements is a very applicable and relevant number.

    $99 for a lifetime listing on the single most visible cannabis domain marketplace would seem like a bargain to me. But again, we don’t intend this to be for everyone. We are looking to market the best domain names available for the cannabis market. Our focus is on giving the end user the easiest and most complete set of available domain names on the Web, hand curated by experts.

    You can send submissions to: domains [@]

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