Use to Shorten Vanity URLs


Facebook.It looks like Facebook is already putting its to good use, and it’s not just for internal corporate email addresses. Visitors and companies can now use to shorten vanity URLs for corporate and personal pages.

Instead of visiting a page like, you can now visit, and you’ll end up on the same page. Similarly, you can visit or whatever the vanity URL is.

This may not seem like such a big deal since it only saves 6 letters, but in a world of 140 character tweets and short updates, it’s probably going to big deal to some people.

Thanks to George for the tip.


  1. Elliot

    Your announcement of short URls using may be more powerful and exciting for domainers than you think.

    Here’s why

    Two major objections that an end user might have to buying a domain name is

    I don’t know how to market a web business
    Isn’t marketing a website expensive I mean PPC ads etc?


    You do now 🙂 and

    No, it doesnt have to be

    This potentially game changing tool has a downside for some domainers as well.

    Domainers that don’t develop won’t be able to use and benefit from the new free marketing tool that you have unveiled.

    If any domainer was wondering when a good time to adopt development might be this might be the sign they’ve been waiting for

    Good discovery! thx for sharing

  2. Thanks for sharing this info. This is a good idea however, anything new (change) comes with advantages and disadvantages. As a result of this, many email service providers are at a threat of losing market (demand). People will prefer using this option. I need a clarification here, is this option within facebook website or will it be entirely run separately from facebook website?

  3. Even though they have now reduced the URL, but people who have been using facebook since a long time have it saved in their bookmarks and they don’t need to type in the URL.

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