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Use FB.com to Shorten Vanity URLs


Facebook.It looks like Facebook is already putting its FB.com to good use, and it's not just for internal corporate email addresses. Visitors and companies can now use FB.com to shorten vanity URLs for corporate and personal pages.

Instead of visiting a page like Facebook.com/DogWalking, you can now visit FB.com/DogWalking, and you'll end up on the same page. Similarly, you can visit FB.com/MarkZuckerberg or whatever the vanity URL is.

This may not seem like such a big deal since it only saves 6 letters, but in a world of 140 character tweets and short updates, it's probably going to big deal to some people.

Thanks to George for the tip. → Read More

Could FB.CO be The Next Facebook Domain Name Acquisition Confirmation?


Facebook .CO Domain Registry

Earlier this afternoon, I speculated that FB.com could possibly be used by Facebook for the expected launch of the Facebook mail client/platform next week.  About an hour ago, Andrew Allemann published an article that confirmed Facebook was the buyer of FB.com after a Whois update.

I am now going to take a guess that Facebook may have acquired or worked out a deal for  FB.CO from the .CO Registry. This is more of guess than was the FB.com purchase since the Whois still maintains the default "Restricted and Reserved names .COInternet", but here's why I am speculating:

If you visit FB.CO right now, you'll see a MediaTemple server default page. If you visit many other 2 letter .CO domain names, they don't resolve to anything. Strange that this appears to be pending set up but the other names don't have any DNS settings at all.

Just before the O.CO acquisition for $350,00 by Overstock was announced, I had been looking at one letter .CO domain names to see if I noticed anything. As I recall, the e.CO domain name had a page → Read More

Could Facebook Launch a Mail Service on FB.com? ** Updated **


Facebook.At the end of September, I wrote an article speculating that perhaps Facebook purchased FB.com in private. There hasn't been any public acknowledgement about whether the company bought it or not (or who may have bought it if Facebook didn't), and the domain name still does not resolve.  See update below.

Multiple websites are reporting that Facebook will be holding an invite-only event in San Francisco on Monday, November 15th, and it is expected they will announce a new email system or platform that Techcrunch has dubbed "Facebook's Gmail Killer." According to the folks at Techcrunch, this project has been referred to internally as "Project Titan."

This is pure speculation, but it would be pretty neat if they launched this mail service on FB.com (if they own this domain name now confirmed that Facebook owns it). Assuming it is a mail service they intend to launch on Monday, they could also use another name like FacebookMail.com (which they already own), or they could just tie it in with Facebook.com.

In my opinion, → Read More

Did Facebook Quietly Acquire FB.com?


I read an interesting "Tweet" on George Kirikos' Twitter feed this morning. According to Domaintools' Whois History tool, the domain name FB.com changed hands on September 3, 2010. Prior to this change, the domain name was registered to the American Farm Bureau Federation. The organization owns FB.org, which might explain their willingness to part with FB.com.

FB.com is currently registered to DNStination  Inc., and it is registered at Mark Monitor, the same corporate registrar used by Facebook for their Facebook.com registration. Could Facebook have stealthily acquired FB.com? The domain name does not currently resolve anywhere, but it would seem to be a good domain name for them to own, especially with the popularity of url shorteners.

Ironically enough, there is a page on Facebook called "Petition to make www.fb.com an official link to facebook is on Facebook." The group currently has 75 members. Perhaps they were on to something. → Read More