Uniregistry Explains What A Domain Name Is


It may seem  pretty obvious to people who spend every day working with domain names, but I bet  the vast majority of people have no idea what a domain name actually is. Uniregistry posted a quick 2 minute video about domain names. The video explains the basics about what domain names actually are, how to buy and renew them, and the difference between a registrar and registry.

The next time someone asks you “what is a domain name?” or “how does a domain name work?”, you can probably share this video with them and have it explain everything for them. I often encounter this when I tell people I am in the domain name business, and this video would be helpful.


  1. It’s a great explainer video and a nice promotion for Uniregistry. Works well for consumers and the company – win/win.

    I’m not familiar with the services provided by Uniregistry as over 90% of my domains are at GoDaddy, but I commend the company on this video.

  2. “The registry owns and controls the use, pricing, and requirements of every domain using their extension.” (00:32)

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