UDRP Filed Against MEZ.com (Updated)


A UDRP was filed at the World Intellectual Property Organization against the three letter MEZ.com domain name. The case is WIPO Case D2016-1932.

The registrant of Mez.com is located in India, and it appears that the registrant’s first name is Mez. The domain name is nearly 20 years old, with a registration date of December 1996. A DomainTools Historical Whois search shows that the domain name may have changed hands more than once in the last couple of years.

I don’t see any public record of a sale in NameBio. I searched through my Gmail records to see if this was offered for sale, and in July of 2015, Ryan Colby’s Outcome Brokerage mentioned MEZ.com without a price. MEZ.com is currently listed for sale on Afternic with a $75,000 purchase price. Obviously, MEZ.com is a valuable domain name and there is nothing wrong with selling domain names.


When I visited Mez.com today, there was no website resolving.

The complainant in this UDRP filing is listed as Georg Mez AG. A Google search for the company name brought me to this Bloomberg page without a whole lot of information about the company. There appear to be a ton of Google results for “Mez,” so I am not sure how the complainant will be able to prove all aspects of the UDRP in order to succeed.

I try to keep track of UDRP proceedings involving high profile or high value domain names, and I will be tracking this one.

Update: The MEZ.com UDRP complaint was denied and a Reverse Domain Name Hijacking ruling was made.


  1. Thank you Elliot for writing about this one, an Interesting Dispute. Another LLL.com hit with UDRP. I wish the result should be in favor of domain owner. One can sell websites, real estate , businesses , companies.. then why not domain names? mind set has to be changed… an empty land can be left unused for several years and it is ok , why not domain names cant be treated as investment opportunities. worth watching this result closely.

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