Topcoin Prepping for a Relaunch


Topcoin is something I have received on every paid Uniregistry transaction, but I never used any nor did I really know how to use Topcoin. In December, Uniregistry announced that it would remove Topcoin from its platform. I never made an effort to acquire or use Topcoin, so it wasn’t a big deal to me.

Yesterday afternoon, I received an email from someone named John Detjen, who let me know he is working with a few domain industry veterans to relaunch Topcoin. I don’t know John, but he mentioned that he is working with Josh Metnick, Michael Blend, and Ammar Kubba on the relaunch. The idea behind Topcoin is that it is a “a token for domain names and web services.”

There are four things that John shared with me about the relaunch of Topcoin:

– Topcoin has a new team working on a relaunch.
– Topcoin will have five dedicated people in attendance at NamesCon to help answer questions and do merchant partner outreach.
– At NamesCon, we will be launching our first Topcoin wallet app.
– We are searching for a flagship registrar merchant to connect with our 21,000+ Topcoin wallet holders. We will also be seeking additional partners who want to be a part of our ecosystem.

If you have accumulated some Topcoin and want to learn more about it – or if you are a service provider that wants to work with Topcoin, it sounds like NamesCon will be the place to connect with them.


  1. That’s great, I have a ton of it and it just sits there. It mainly only worked on new gtld extension purchases to provide a small discount

  2. They could use a rebrand as the Topcoin name has been worthless since day 1. A better fitting brand they should acquire from the Domain King is since a roll of toilet paper is more useful than whatever the hek they are offering.

    Besides that, there is lots of info online regarding the team behind the company is made up of frauds that only seek to scam people.

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