This $300 Million Company Uses a .Cash Domain Name

According to a TechCrunch article published yesterday, a startup called Dosh announced it had raised a $40 million round of funding. CrunchBase reports that the company has raised $97 million in funding since it was founded in 2016. After the most recent funding round, the company is now valued at $300 million. Notably, Dosh uses a .Cash domain name: Dosh.Cash.

Dosh “is a cash back app that searches all available coupons, promo codes, and rebates and gives you cash back from thousands of restaurants, retail stores, hotels, and more.” With this business model, the .Cash domain name extension seems suitable for it. Interestingly, the company is not incorporating the .Cash extension into its branding. In fact, the .Cash extension isn’t a part of its logo either.

It looks like the domain name is owned by another company, and the domain name does not resolve to an operational website. Because of GDPR, it is unclear what company owns right now. has been registered to another entity since 2011 (several years before Dosh was founded), and that domain name resolves to a default GoDaddy landing page.

The .Cash extension is operated by Donuts. It’s not a huge registry, but it does have nearly 14,500 domain names registered in its zone file, according to

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “Interestingly, the company is not incorporating the .Cash extension into its branding. In fact, the .Cash extension isn’t a part of its logo either. It looks like the domain name is owned by another company,”

    It’s always based on CONFUSION and complete lack of common sense!!

    You would think that anyone using a new GTLD would have superior marketing skills and cover all bases. That their message would be clear. That each and every base would be covered. The fact that so many are so nonchalant about these gaping holes and oversights are what forces them to either migrate to a .com or risk everything.

  2. And indeed, certainly agree with RS here. What an embarrassing disaster for naming and branding. In fact, I absolutely hate “Dosh” alone to begin with even if they had the .com.

  3. I think it can be argued that some new gtlds look ok or even very good as a website domain, but when you think of using a new gtld for email they almost always look strange and bad. – ok for website domain – weird looking

    If people are conditioned to normally see .com .net .org, or a country code in a website domain, I’d say they’re even more conditioned to see those in an email address.

    • @domains- I agree with you on this one. Never herd of so if I was to get an email/ad from the first thing that would cross my mind would be “Gosh, the Prince of X country needs me to claim my billions of dollars AGAIN!” 🙂 or ” Crap, I am pre-approved and eligible for $100000000000 Trillion dollar LOAN AGAIN!! 🙂 and would be filed as spam in .1 seconds

  4. ? wow that’s probably one of the most terrible branding mistakes. Not only .cash as an extension is spammy , but the name “Dosh” is slang for cash/money and I am not fond of this slang term period.
    Just checked also slang for cash….. I guess maybe competitor? At least they got the edge with the .com
    Type in traffic for I would suspect 0.

    It appears also that also owns…not sure why they decided .cash was better, and a few other names:,, and of course would have been the names to own IMO…

    That’s my 2 cents on this topic.

    • Please be humble and desist from mocking at different-opinioned people/companies.

      Not all companies need “type in traffic”, especially those famous brands which use self-made brandable names.

      • Ethan – I hear you. Please let me know what new startup/biz today doesn’t need traffic, attention or “type in traffic”?
        If you are referring to famous brands like Starbucks, Nike, Coca Cola, etc they already spend the money and dominate.
        It’s silly to think that Starbucks is the best coffee in the world. Please that stuff is nasty ;), but it’s the “best known coffee”, it’s close and readily available. By the way I am a fan of Starbucks simply because of the consistent products they offer, and they are everywhere.
        So what’s wrong with type in traffic and massive attention?? is a $300M USD company…so that’s an amazing achievement! Question is how are they gonna get to $1Billion?

        • Nothing is wrong with type in traffic. What’s wrong is that you described “type in traffic” as something every company needs, which isn’t true. Famous companies which use self-made names did not rely on type in traffic when they were startups.

  5. As an investor of new gTLDs, I’m glad to see more companies embrace new gTLDs. Imo, it’s just a matter time for the public to familiarize new gTLDs.

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