There Are More .App UDRP / URS Filings Than Reported Sales

According to, there are more than 375,000 registered .App domain names. This makes .App the 12th largest new gTLD extension by volume. .App domain names became available to register and purchase in early May.

In a comment on Sunday, Snoopy, a veteran domain name investor, noted that there are only 14 publicly reported sales of .App domain names in Nambio. The largest sale in this group is the $15,000 sale of Dispatch.App. The smallest sales are $117 sales of River.App and QAR.App. The average sale price, based on the 14 publicly report .App sales, is $4,099.

Using, I can see that there appear to be 84 UDRP and URS filings involving .App domain names at that major UDRP providers. Because some UDRP and URS filings involve multiple domain names, I counted the individual .App domain names subject to UDRP and URS, and there are 93 domain names listed.

Notably, because GoDaddy does not report sales completed using its sales platform or Afternic’s network, NameBio’s data for .App sales does not really paint a full picture of the total sales volume. I would imagine there are some aftermarket sales of .App domain names on GoDaddy that are unreported. In addition, some people might argue that premium-priced .App domain names sold via registrar should also be considered. I am just going by what I can see.

I don’t really know what to make of this, but I thought it was pretty interesting to see so many UDRP filings compared to reported sales. It is interesting that some brands did not think ahead and reserve their .App domain names before third parties scooped them up, especially considering .App had somewhat of a late launch. Additionally, it is interesting that companies are paying for the UDRP or URS, in addition to legal fees, to get these brand .App domain names.

Despite the lack of insight it provides, I thought the large difference between the number of publicly reported sales vs. the number of UDRP and URS filings was interesting and notable.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. “It is interesting that some brands did not think ahead and reserve their .App domain names before third parties scooped them up” There are hundreds of new TLDs, you can’t register your trademark in every one or you would go broke. Sometime you have to play whack-a-mole.

  2. I picked up 3 “premium” .app domains. Zero offers. I’ll keep them for future app development.
    .com is the king for aftermarket sales. Country codes, and a collection of others (.ai, .io, .me, .org .tv .co) make up maybe 10% of the remaining sales, although I’ve seen some recent high .de sales (I own zero .de names)

  3. I’ve sold 6 .app one of them for 5000eur, the rest for several hundred eur each, so there is a small market for after sales. The market is very intransparent. However, you have to think carefully what is the additional value from .app combined with your donain name. I take the development view also, there are clear technology reason why the .app is likely to keep steadily growing. These reasons are 1) pwa and growth of non-native apps 2) webrtc, which allows amazing things to be done directly in browser 3) steady growth of apps and software applications in general vs the slowing growth of app stores as preferred distribution medium (several reasons to this) 4) growth of AI and need for bespoke applications with API connectivity 5) Google itself leaving lots of niche analytical products ontouched, supporting market for specific web software and the ongoing growth of internet / information 6) growth of data streaming

  4. Pretty much what Page has said, there’s over 10000 public trading + private push sales in the mainland China domain market alone and counting. Sales are happening numerously on daily basis. I’ve only recently declined another offer for and at low 5 figures.

  5. there is so much misinformation about .app domains.. like the article states, GD does not report at all, case in point, sold for 5k last summer) and still have surgeon, surgery, and carpet….not so lucky on those which I found odd, but I have a steep discount on renewals since Im employed by a major registrar, so its not too bad for the 3, and the ‘dump’ that is sure to come in next couple months should make it interesting…I’d be thrilled to net 15k for all of them, bc I have other things to focus on..but if userscape just dropped for 30k!!! I feel I can do ok with reduced prices…cheers


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