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Using NameBio to Analyze a Purchase Opportunity


I came across a pretty solid one word .com domain name for sale. While contemplating the acquisition, I used NameBio to do some research, and I thought I would share how I found it helpful to me.

The domain name I was researching is a one word .com domain name. It is a well known term in its particular field, but it is relatively uncommon in normal speech. This made it a bit complicated to analyze because it wasn't a standard term I could value based on my gut alone.

The Google Adwords keyword tool can be helpful to see how many people are searching for the keyword. For my needs, it was not as helpful because I don't really care about that. Even without doing any keyword research, I am quite positive there (more…) → Read More

NameBio Adds Crypto Domain Sales Category


Tracking cryptocurrency related domain name sales has not been easy. Some of the larger public sales stand out on Sedo's weekly sales report and in DNJournal, but it has been difficult to track sales of crypto related domain names without putting in much effort.

With crypto domain names being so popular lately, a couple of weeks ago, I reached out to NameBio's Michael Sumner to ask about a crypto category within NameBio's domain name sales database. Michael explained the difficulty in creating a special category like this. There are many keywords in cryptocurrency-specific domain names that could cross-over into other categories or be parts of longer words.

Over the weekend, Michael emailed me again to let me know he custom tailored a crypto-domain name subcategory. You can visit this link on NameBio to have a look at a search of crypto domain name sales without including the extension. If you want to drill it down further by extension, by date, or by other factors, you can find the crypto domain subcategory under "Other." As → Read More

Mayweather Bought “Girl Collection” Domain Name via BuyDomains


In the lead up to the big Floyd Mayweather vs. Connor McGregor fight in Las Vegas tonight, Floyd Mayweather has been spending the evenings at his new Las Vegas strip club called "Girl Collection." Smartly, it looks like Mayweather (and his team) bought the exact match domain name, which is being used for its website. They were also able to secure the exact match @girlcollection Twitter account and @girlcollection Instagram account.

Using the DomainTools Historical Whois tool, I was able to see that the domain name was previously owned by BuyDomains, one of the largest domain portfolio owners. The domain name was originally registered in December of 2001.

Because BuyDomains typically reports the prices of the domain names it sells, I was able to find the price listed on NameBio. It looks like the domain name was acquired for (more…) → Read More

Here’s How President Obama Acquired via NameJet


Obama Foundation - Obama.orgFormer US President Barack Obama acquired the domain name, and it is now being used for the Obama Foundation website. President Obama announced the news on his Twitter handle yesterday:

When researching  the Whois records for this domain name,  I noticed a domain name industry connection. Prior to the recent privatization of the Whois information for, the owner of the domain name was  listed as industry veteran Kellie Peterson. Kellie now works on the domain registrar side of Automattic, the parent company of

According to  NameBio, was  acquired via NameJet in 2011 for $2,800. Based on Historical Whois records from DomainTools, it looks to me like this was a privately held domain name that was auctioned  instead of an expired domain auction. Kellie was the winning bidder in the auction, and → Read More

PokemonGo.Net Sells for $20,950 at

7  LogoPokemon Go has been  all over  the news the last week or two. Although I have not played Pokemon Go, it seems like almost everybody else has! People have also been registering lots of Pokemon-related domain names. Last week, I wrote an article about nearly 4,000 .com and .net domain names being registered with the word Pokemon in them.

According to this tweet from NameBio, sold for $20,950 at yesterday: (more…) → Read More

Guess The Domain Sale Price with NameBio Game App


Over the weekend, NameBio released a new app to put your domain name valuation knowledge to the test. The game is called The Domain Game, and it is available in the Apple app store for all iOS devices (iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch). The way the game works is that it shows a random domain name sale with the name, date, and venue, and the player has to guess the correct sale price range (three, four, five, or six figures).

One of the most interesting aspects of the game is that you need to factor in the date and venue in order to accurately peg the sale price range. For instance, a sale on in 2015 will almost certainly be 5 or even 6 figures but a sale on Afternic in 2002 will likely be just three or four figures. There will also be those random head scratching sales that will leave you guessing.

To make this game more fun, (more…) → Read More

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