Acquired by Grateful Ventures


It looks like Digimedia, has sold another great domain name from the company’s portfolio. I detected a Whois change on at the end of September, and it looks like the company that bought the domain name, Grateful Ventures, launched its website back in 2014.

Prior to the Whois change, was owned by, LLC, and it had a email address. I believe, LLC is a business operated by Digimedia.

According to a press release yesterday morning, Gannett made an investment (for an undisclosed amount) in Grateful Ventures. The release also mentions the website:

“The initial focus will continue with Grateful’s vision in the food & cooking category. USA TODAY NETWORK, through its content, scale and promotion, will accelerate Grateful’s build out of as the top destination for all holiday-related food and cooking content, and drive growth in its blogging network, Food Blog Stars. Additionally, USA TODAY NETWORK and Grateful will further develop its social media platform created exclusively for food bloggers,”

As per Digimedia’s policy, the company did not confirm the sale nor did they mention a sale price when I reached out via email. I would not be surprised if the company retained a piece of the business, especially given that the website was launched in 2014. That is purely speculation though. Since Gannett is a publicly traded company, perhaps we will learn more about the valuation in a future SEC filing.

Digmedia has sold some great domain names in the past few weeks, including,, and As you might expect, all of these sales have been to companies that will use the domain names for major projects. Each time I see a Whois change on a Digimedia domain name, I marvel at how exceptional the company’s portfolio is and admire Scott Day and Jay Chapman for not only building it, but keeping their great domain names until the right offers are made.


  1. and the right time is when set and forget $$$ is dead and you have so many great names and really no realisitc propect of building them all out, might as well liquidate some. Im sure they have had serious buyers lines up, on the hook I should say, on much of thier portfolio for a while, just decieded to reel a few in. Ihad one on the hook for four years before I sold a tow worder for 25k.

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