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Thanksgiving.com Acquired by Grateful Ventures


It looks like Digimedia, has sold another great domain name from the company's portfolio. I detected a Whois change on Thanksgiving.com at the end of September, and it looks like the company that bought the domain name, Grateful Ventures, launched its website back in 2014.

Prior to the Whois change, Thanksgiving.com was owned by Builders.com, LLC, and it had a @digimedia.com email address. I believe Builders.com, LLC is a business operated by Digimedia.

According to a press release yesterday morning, Gannett made an investment (for an undisclosed amount) in Grateful Ventures. The release also mentions the Thanksgiving.com website: (more…) → Read More

Looks Like HAY Acquired Hay.com


I noticed a Whois change this morning involving the valuable Hay.com domain name, which had been owned by Digimedia. Hay.com is now registered to an entity in Denmark. Based on some Google searching, it looks like the Hay.com domain name was acquired by an entity affiliated with a business called HAY, which operates on the HAY.dk domain name.

When I visited Hay.com after observing the Whois change, I was taken to a NetNames default landing page. A Whois search on Hay.com shows the registrant email address is @bestseller.com. Best Seller appears to be a clothier or clothing retailer based in Denmark. A subsequent Google search for "best seller" and "hay" led me to a website for a company called Nine United. On its company page, Nine United mentions both the BESTSELLER and HAY brands. This leads me to believe the buyer was related to the HAY brand.

Assuming this information is accurate, my guess is the company that acquired Hay.com will eventually (more…) → Read More

Tile App Upgrades to Tile.com


The Tile app has upgraded to Tile.com, which had been registered to Digimedia for many years. I detected a Whois change on the domain name yesterday morning, and the domain name is now registered to a Whois privacy proxy service. If you visit Tile.com, you will be redirected to TheTileApp.com, the website used by Tile. Previously, as you can see from this Archive.org entry, the domain name was generating revenue with pay per click parking advertisements.

I reached out to Scott Day and Jay Chapman to see if they could comment on this and confirm that the domain name was sold. I don't recall the company ever confirming sales or transactions, so it is no surprise that they didn't confirm any details. I also reached out to the Tile app team to see if anyone from their company could comment, and I have not yet heard back from them.

According to its Crunchbase profile, Tile has raised (more…) → Read More

Cover Upgrades to Cover.com


Cover is a free app that tracks insurance rates and allows people to "cover" (aka get coverage for) items like cars, homes, pets, jewelry and electronics after taking a photo of the item using their phone. Cover uses CoverInsurance.com for its website, although the company has also been using UseCover.com to forward to CoverInsurance.com. Smartly, it looks like the company secured the Cover.com domain name.

This morning, I noticed a Whois change on Cover.com. The domain name was previously owned by Digimedia, and it is now privately registered. When I visited Cover.com, it forwarded me to CoverInsurance.com. Because Digimedia doesn't generally comment about its deals, I am not certain if the insurance app acquired the domain name, and if the company did, I couldn't speculate about how much the domain name cost with any certainty. I could see this domain name selling for mid six figures though.

Cover was founded in 2014, and it looks like the app is (more…) → Read More

Monsieur: Cool Product on a .CO Domain Name


In this morning's CrunchBase Daily email newsletter, I read about Monsieur, a product that is billed as an "intelligent bartending system." I went to check out the company's website, and I saw that they are operating on an exact match .CO domain name, Monsieur.CO. The product looks very cool, and I could see it taking off and being used at tailgates, special events, and even at private homes (despite the high cost).

Monsieur is a great brand name for this product because the word "monsieur" is a French word, similar in meaning to the English "Mr." In this particular case, I don't think using a .CO domain name is a poor decision because the corresponding .com domain name is owned by Digimedia, and it would likely be expensive (probably very expensive). This is a consumer product, and I think it will be easy to find them. The downside is that (more…) → Read More

BrightTag Becomes Signal(.CO)


Yesterday morning, I mentioned that I met someone at a wedding who works at a well-funded startup that is using a .CO domain name for its website. Last night, someone emailed me an article about a company that recently changed its brand, and the company is now using a.CO domain name for its website.

According to the Chicago edition of Tech Cocktail, "Chicago-based BrightTag has changed its name to Signal," and the company's website can be found on Signal.CO. In May, Tech Cocktail previously reported that BrightTag had acquired Signal. BrightTag is in the business of  cross channel marketing technology.

I think this decision is interesting for a couple of reasons.

The first is that most (more…) → Read More

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