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I saw the latest infographic created by and posted on It’s neat to see all that data in graphic form, especially since I don’t know how to get that information on my own.

I want to give a big thank you to you for commenting on my blog as often as you do. Your comments make my blog more interesting for others to read as well as for myself. I appreciate that it has become a place to share and learn, and I want to do something special for Christmas.

As a way to say “thank you,” I am going to give someone $100 tomorrow afternoon. Here’s how to participate:

  • 1) Post a comment on this blog post sharing one thing you learned about domain investing in the last year. It can be anything from a specific acquisition tactic to a new tool you found particularly helpful. Anything that you’ve learned that has helped your business. Only one comment per person please or all comments on this post will be deleted.
  • 2) Tomorrow evening at 3pm eastern, I will take the names of everyone who commented and paste them in an Excel spreadsheet. They will then be sorted in alphabetical order and assigned the matching number in the spreadsheet.
  • 3) I will visit and use the “True Random Number Generator” to pick one number. The person whose name that matches that number will get $100 from me.

Thank you again for reading my blog!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn


  1. I have learned that the biggest mistake every new domainer makes is buying too many lottery tickets and not spending enough time reading the gold that is archived within all of these blogs, forums, and old timers.

    Thank you Elliot and all for the information exchange!

  2. I have learned not to take things for granted. This might sound weird at first, but: In the UK they are thinking about bringing out .uk as the top domain extension rather than which is currently being used.

    It’s not 100% that this will go ahead, but if it does a lot of domainers are going to lose out. Nobody could’ve predicted this, so yeah, don’t take things for granted!

  3. I learned to ignore ignorance and realized that my thoughts don’t always have to be my words.

    Any money I win goes to $100 in scratch off tickets which will be scratched off live on ustream of which all winnings up to $10,000 go to Elliot’s charity of choice.

  4. I’ve modeled some of my work to be similar to your site. Seeing how other people are being successful has been very useful to me. Thanks Eliot.

  5. I’ve learned, after a few thousand dollars wasting and moving past my noob phase, to really mine the gold. I’ve also decided to pick one or two projects and pour my time, money and passion into those and those only. I was spreading myself thing buying so many names and I’m coming to realize one good property can make more than all of them. So much found knowledge on the blogs, and your is one- Elliot, thanks!

    Happy holidays all.

  6. I learned that while some focus on exact matches, broad match volume should not be overlooked. There is rich and valuable traffic to be mined in those broad matches.

  7. Nothing in the past year has become more clear to me, in the domain space or otherwise, than the importance of focus. Excel at one or a few thing(s) before you move on.

  8. The permitting & enabling of Sooooo many new gTLDs by ICANN’t in such a short period of time is wreckless and has a high probability of dilluting & polluting the internet experience…not just for domainers…but moreso the entire global internet user base

    Kinda parallels Mark Twain’s ole’ & wise quote —-> ““Too Much of Anything is Bad,”

  9. I learned how to register a domain name. I registered my first name in jan 2011 and have been hooked ever since. I see a massive opportunity in this industry.
    I would compare the opportunity to arriving in North America after the early pioneers have done the hard work of clearing the land. I just have to buy a bag of seeds and start planting.

  10. Since I only started last February, I have learned a tremendous amount over the last year, including the fact that I still and always will have more to learn. For a takeaway, one of the things that is providing me some success is taking the time to search drop lists myself, without scripts and without using the well-known published lists out there. It has allowed me to score some sought-after aged names with little to no bidders, allowing me to win the name for low cost and flip it for some wild profits.

    Happy holidays all and I hope everyone has a really happy and prosperous New Year!

  11. I learned that too many of us are guilty of buying domain names of little to no value.

    Going into the next year with all the new GTLD’s, it’ll be more important than ever to own powerful generic one names, even though many of these real gems are out of the price range of many people.

  12. I like to have the brand together with Youtube and twitter, so I register the twitter handle and gmail address of any dot com I hand register!

  13. I learned that to be a successful domain investor you should never stop learning! I make it a habit to spend a few hours every day on forums, the blogs and reading pretty much whatever I can get my hands on. The worst mistake is thinking you know all their is to know about domains.

  14. I learned much more about building businesses this year, so via that I have learned how much I am thankful and fortunate for any successes in domains that I have had already. I also re-learned my strengths and many weaknesses this year.

  15. Biggest to me is develop a domain n enter ino business

    Last year I made 60k online n 30k this year online and I entered in domaining in 2007 n had no knowledge at all. Thanks to blog and dnf big thank you to DP.

  16. I learned that you have a lot of good tactics which makes people follow your blog… including this post 😛

  17. I learned that you have to put in the hard work to get the sales for the lower quality domains and that focus is very important.

  18. Everytime you’ve lost a great auction on a stellar domain name, don’t lose hope…another one that’s just as good or better will be dropping shortly.

    There’s always opportunity if you keep your eyes open.

  19. I have learnt the whole new business of Domain investing. I didn’t know anything about it till July’12 and Elliot’s blog helped me a lot to understand the business even better…

    I wasted a few bucks on ccTLDs, but I learnt .com is the King for now…

    Thanks Elliot..

  20. i learnt a lot on how to research for domain names and potential buyers. moreover, i love to see your recent acquisition because it enables me to know the sample of domain names in vogue. thanks

  21. Evertime i Thought i knew … I feel how little i know if it was this blog and all The users who leaves a comments thats Worth more Then Gold ..

  22. One of the main areas of interest for me, was the benefits observed in building out some of your domain names.
    An objective, I’m going to get stuck into after Christmas. Cheers!
    Also, to return here to gain more insight into domaining and investing.

  23. The last year has taught me the importance of user experience in development; put users first and growth will follow. If I’m randomly chosen, please donate to RMHC.

  24. Finally learned how to play the drop-catching game

    Thanks for another great year Elliot…happy holidays to you and yours!

  25. After spending the last year finding out what not to do, I have learned that domaining is hard work. You can’t go at it casually and expect to make a go of it.

    “In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. But in practice, there is.”
    – Yogi Berra

  26. Focusing on one thing/domain at a time gets a lot more done than trying to do things for all of them at the same time. Happy New Year everyone!

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