AP Legal Launches DomainTheft.com


I think Stevan Lieberman is one of the top  domain name attorneys, especially when it comes to recovering stolen domain names. Steven published  an article about how to recover a stolen domain name, and I understand he has helped domain owners recover their stolen domain names.

I was chatting on the phone with Stevan this morning, and I learned his law firm (AP Legal) just launched DomainTheft.com to help educate people about the scourge of domain theft. The website also serves as a lead generation tool for people who need help recovering their domain names from a thief or domain hijacker.

We just put up DomainTheft.com as a simple clear website offering to help those who have lost their domain names through theft,” Stevan told me. “When a domain name has been stolen that company’s website and emails go down thus essentially, in one fell swoop pulling the business down. Although it has taken some time for the law to come up to speed on this issue, Greenberg & Lieberman (G&L) has been very successful at retrieving stolen domains.”

On the DomainTheft.com website, there is an extensive list of domain names that were recovered by the firm, including these valuable domain names:

  • RL.com
  • UTU.com
  • MLA.com
  • Lute.com
  • Mica.com

Domain theft is something that impacts everyone in the domain industry. In fact, I think it is probably one of the biggest issues that is faced by domain investors. There is always a risk that our domain registrar accounts are compromised leading to stolen domain names and lost revenue. There is also a risk of buying “dirty” names that were stolen. This could lead to a domain name being recovered without compensation and potentially reputational damage, especially if the domain name was sold by the domain investor (even without knowledge) prior to recovery.

When people contact me asking for help about stolen domain names, I generally refer them to Stevan and a couple of other exceptional attorneys that are very familiar with the domain name space. DomainTheft.com is another resource I can share with them to learn more about domain name theft and domain name recovery after theft.


  1. Stevan has a stellar record assisting victims of domain theft recover domains. He’s also a regular speaker at NamesCon, on domain security matters. Definitely a great asset to the domain industry.

  2. DomainDetective.com or Domain(Rescue)Rangers.com sounds better.

    It will be great business – when monthly income gone down – you can steal few domains with 4-zero’s prices…

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