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Cleveland Browns File UDRP for


Despite the uncertainty surrounding the current labor situation in the National Football League, the Cleveland Browns have filed a UDRP for the domain name.  The cellar-dwelling Browns, who finished 5-11 last season, use for its website. has been owned by a registrant in Italy for a number of years. The Whois History results for this domain name go back to 2003, and it appears to me that it's been owned by the same entity. At the moment, does not resolve.

It does look like there might have been football-related links on the domain name at one point, although the owner may not have control over what links were displayed. I find it strange that the football team has taken so long to file a UDRP for the name though, since they must have known another entity has owned it for so many years. → Read More

NFC & AFC Champions: Generic Domain Names


The AFC Championship and NFC Championship games were played tonight, pitting the New York Jets against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers.

The NY Jets use for its website and the Pittsburgh Steelers simply use

The Chicago Bears use and the Green Bay Packers simply use

As you are probably aware, the two teams with the team name .com domain names won their respective conference championship. The Super Bowl that will be played in Dallas will feature a matchup of Steelers(.com) vs. Packers(.com).

If only the Dallas Cowboys had acquired although they still can by using Sedo. → Read More

Dallas Cowboys Suck, But Now Available for Sale via Sedo


It looks like rookie Sedo domain broker (but veteran domain investor)  Dave Evanson has scored a touchdown with this recent catch. According to the landing page on, the domain name is now for sale with Evanson quarterbacking the transaction.

The domain name has had an interesting recent history. Previously it was a country western website, and it then went to auction at the TRAFFIC conference. A representative for the NFL's Dallas Cowboys had the winning bid of $275,000 at the live auction, but it turns out that he apparently thought the price was $275 rather than $275,000. It was later sold at the silent auction to a group of domain investors.

The group originally had some big plans for the domain name, but any time you get a group of A-type personalities on a project, it can be difficult to make headway. As the saying goes, it looks like there were "too many chiefs, but not enough firefighters." You can see two videos from the party embedded below (via YouTube).

If you are interested in → Read More

NFL Does it Right With Ticket Exchange


TicketmasterI've written three different articles about this topic before, criticizing large companies for advertising either Twitter or Facebook urls in lieu of their own brand. For instance, I think it's dumb for Best Buy to advertise, despite having control over that Twitter handle.

In this case, I want to give props to the NFL for the way they are advertising the new Ticket Exchange program.   During the Saints vs. Vikings game Thursday evening, the first regular season NFL game of the year, the NFL advertised the url for the Ticket Exchange program, directing visitors to   Instead of landing on the NFL's website, visitors are immediately directed to, a website owned by ticketing company, Ticketmaster.

Not only is the NFL url easier for people to remember than the long Ticketmaster url, the NFL can also control this traffic. They should be able to track this traffic, and they are building the NFL brand rather than Ticketmaster's brand.

The only bad → Read More UDRP Update


Miami DolphinsAs reported last week, the Miami Dolphins filed a UDRP for the domain name, According to domain registrar and brand protection company, Mark Monitor, is now owned by the National Football League (see screenshot below), although the DNS has not been changed nor the domain forwarded to the Miami Dolphins website.

A few days ago, I noticed that the status of the UDRP filing was listed as Suspended, and now the domain name has been transferred, despite the current PPC links. A Suspended proceeding generally means that the two sides either reached some sort of agreement about the UDRP proceeding or a lawsuit was filed to prevent a ruling.

Although I don't have any details about what was worked out in private, perhaps it will be reported in a future public corporate filing. Whois → Read More