NFC & AFC Champions: Generic Domain Names


The AFC Championship and NFC Championship games were played tonight, pitting the New York Jets against the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Chicago Bears against the Green Bay Packers.

The NY Jets use for its website and the Pittsburgh Steelers simply use

The Chicago Bears use and the Green Bay Packers simply use

As you are probably aware, the two teams with the team name .com domain names won their respective conference championship. The Super Bowl that will be played in Dallas will feature a matchup of Steelers(.com) vs. Packers(.com).

If only the Dallas Cowboys had acquired…. although they still can by using Sedo.

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  1. When you consider the enormous cost of their new stadium, acquiring for low 6 figures would have been such a great long term investment for the team and fans. It was truly a lost opportunity.

    As pointed out, maybe not too late.

  2. This again, I think its clear they don’t need it or want it. Didn’t you just touch this issue not long ago?

    I also think the way it was aquired has possibly turned them off altogether. What other teams use is irrelavent, also I wonder how many tickets they won’t move for the SB because of not owning LOL

    • @ Josh

      Re-read the context… I was kidding. I don’t think their crappy football team would be improved and thus make the Super Bowl by buying 😉

  3. I gave to the NFL in 1998. They were actively trying to acquire team names back then. I really didn’t believe I could have kept it but the lawyers seemed to appreciate the gesture. I believe they were also negotiating at the time and I would love to know what was paid for it. Still can’t believe is not being used. It would at least be a great site for the wild west and would be fun to build out.

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