How to Bid on Domain Names in NamesCon Live Auction


The NamesCon live domain name auction will be held on Thursday, January 30, 2020 at 4:30pm Central Time. The auction is being held via GoDaddy Auctions this year, but the live domain name auction will be held via Proxibid. In order to bid remotely via Proxibid, advance registration is required. NamesCon attendees bidding on the auction floor will also need to register prior to the auction start to get a bidding paddle. The auction is being operated by Right of the Dot, Monte Cahn’s company.

I believe bids that have been placed on the GoDaddy Auctions platform prior to the auction will be moved over to the Proxybid platform, where bidders can participate in the auction or watch the feed. NamesCon attendees can either bid in person on the auction floor or bid via Proxibid. Domain names that are not included in the live auction, as well as domain names that do not sell during the live auction, will be moved to the extended auction on GoDaddy Auctions. The extended auction will close on February 14th.

The live auction list has not been announced yet, so it is currently unclear which domain names will be included. I understand the live auction list will be released on January 27th, and I will do my best to publish it when I receive it.

More information about the auction and/or bidding can be found on the three links below (none of which are affiliate links):

Monte has always been accessible, so if you have specific questions, you can reach out to him via the contact form on the Right of the Dot website.


  1. Thanks Elliot! I will be finalizing the Live and Extended auction lists over the weekend and we will have most of the live list completed and posted on Monday. There may be some additions and subtractions between Monday and the day of the live auction on Thursday. We have had over 48,000 domains submitted so I have had to go through a lot of work to narrow that down for pre-bidding list. From that list of 800+ names I will Selecting 120 or so names for the live auction event on January 30th at 4:30 PM CST.

    Many names with bids and watchers (which the public cannot see) will remain in the extended auction along with any names that do not sell in the live auction. And yes it will run until it closes on the 14th of February.

    All the info you need to know is here:

    If you are not attending the conference and live auction personally, you can visit to sign up for an account, then bid on domains online during the live auction. The Live Auction Catalog will be posted there prior to the event.

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