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NameJet Increasing Price of Pending Deletes


Earlier today, SnapNames announced that the price of backorders would be increasing from $69 to $79. Because of the company's partnership with NameJet (and the fact that both have relationships with, I wondered if NameJet would also be increasing pricing in line with SnapNames' price increase.

Unfortunately for those of us who bid on NameJet, the answer is yes on pending delete auctions. In a comment posted in the SnapNames article, here's what NameJet Marketing Director Scott Pruitt said: (more…) → Read More

$1 Million+ Sale of Sets NameJet Record

3 sold at auction on NameJet yesterday for $1,035,000. The sale is the largest sale on record for the domain name auction platform. Once the sale is closed, it will rank as the second largest public domain name sale of 2015, just ahead of the sale and sale of

There were  440 bids from 269 bidders. Interestingly, there were 5 bidders who placed bids at or above $800,000. Because of the late bidding, the auction extended more than two hours beyond the original ending time.

NameJet General Manager Jonathan Tenenbaum commented to me on the record setting sale: (more…) → Read More Largest Sale of Year for NameJet

5 was sold in a private domain auction at NameJet yesterday for a sale price of $69,200. There were 256  bidders who participated in the auction.  The Whois information lists Domain Capital as the current registrant, but I do not know if the domain name was sold by the company or an owner who financed this domain name using Domain Capital.

I reached out to Jonathan Tenenbaum, General Manager at NameJet, and he confirmed that this  auction was the largest auction of 2015 on NameJet. "We are really happy to have held this auction on NameJet. It is our biggest sale so far this year and it is one of those deals that was very good for both the buyer and the seller," he told me.

At one point in time, the domain name was owned by (more…) → Read More