Election Domains: ClintonKaine.com vs. TrumpPence.com


According to a blog post on NameBio, the TrumpPence.com domain name has sold on Flippa for $18,734. The TrumpPence.com domain name originally went up for sale back in July, and the owner decided to list it for sale on Flippa. I think the sale price was fair, and it remains to be seen who bought the domain name. I don’t know if the deal closed yet, and the registration information is private.

In August, the ClintonKaine.com domain name was sold for $15,000. Like the TrumpPence.com domain name, ClintonKaine.com was sold via Flippa. The registrant information for ClintonKaine.com is now private, but before the privacy registration was enabled, the registrant did not appear to be associated with the Hillary Clinton and Tim Kaine Presidential campaign.

For both the TrumpPence.com domain name and ClintonKaine.com domain name, it remains to be seen how either of these domain names will be used. With election fundraising being substantial, either campaign, political action committee (PAC), campaign supporter, or someone else could have bought these domain names to use to benefit one campaign or the other.

There are about two months remaining before the US Presidential election. I think TrumpPence.com could benefit the Donald Trump and Mike Pence ticket if someone associated with their campaign acquired it. Based on my research before, it does not look like the Clinton / Kaine campaign bought the ClintonKaine.com domain name. So far, that does not appear to be hurting their campaign, but who knows what will happen with the domain name.

For now, we now that the TrumpPence.com domain name was worth a little bit more to someone than the ClintonKaine.com domain name.

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  1. 65 days left to

    (1) Think up a plan for using the domain;
    (2) Design a website;
    (3) Gather / create content for the website;
    (4) Think up a plan for marketing the website;
    (5) Tell people the website exists … via TV, radio, social media, and other websites
    (6) Build up significant traffic to the site in order to get a ROI by influencing voter behavior.

    If someone connected to the candidates bought these domains, then that’s a knee-jerk reaction; and the reflex is several months late to kick in! Any message they’d publish on these domains would be the SAME message they’re already promoting via TV, radio, social media, and other websites.

    Negligible added benefit. The window of opportunity is too narrow, and they’re beginning too late.

    If the buyers are individual citizens, then they’ll be happy just to wave the flag for a month. In that case, they can praise their candidate or vilify their adversary without any audience at all. A month or two of self-expression will justify their $15k or $18k.

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