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eBike.com Sells for $71,938 on DropCatch.com


DropCatch.com had its second largest publicly recorded sale yesterday. eBike.com sold for $71,938 in an expiry auction on the platform. There was a considerable amount of bidding at the end of the auction, which kept the auction running for an extended period of time. According to NameBio, this sale is the second largest sale at DropCatch.com, behind the $220,950 sale of Lian.com in January of 2016.

For the past ten plus years, eBike.com had been privately registered, so it is unclear who owned the domain name prior to its expiration. Interestingly, in September of 2006 (the last time I can see the Whois record was public), eBike.com had been registered to "The GoDaddy Group," according to the DomainTools Whois History tool. It looks like this entity is somehow affiliated with GoDaddy. I am not sure if that means the domain name had been owned by the company at the time or if that was some sort of generic or proxy Whois record I don't recall seeing. I checked Archive.org and didn't see a development history for this domain name.
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DropCatch vs. NameJet on Similar Auctions


There were a pair of similar pending delete auctions on NameJet and DropCatch.com that I thought would be interesting to highlight because of the auction results. I was tracking these auctions (and won one of them), and you can see the results on NameBio.

At the end of December, WorkInjuryLawyer.com and WorkInjuryLawyers.com went into pending delete status and were auctioned. At the end of September, TrafficAccident.com and TrafficAccidents.com went into pending delete status and were auctioned. I believe each pair of domain names deleted on the same day and the auctions took place over the same days.

One each of the singular and plural were caught by DropCatch.com and NameJet, and the results were pretty interesting: (more…) → Read More

DropCatch.com Giving Some Auction Refunds


A friend of mine told me about an email he received from DropCatch.com yesterday informing him of a refund that he is being given because of "bidding activity from users that were later suspended for non-payment might have affected the final price."

There is an active thread on NamePros about the topic of non-paying bidders on DropCatch.com. The founders of DropCatch, Andrew Reberry and Jeff Reberry of TurnCommerce, addressed members' concerns about non-paying bidders and the alleged irregular bidding activity in the NamePros thread. Andrew and Jeff also promised to investigate this issue, and it looks like they are taking action based on their findings. The objective was to identify what went wrong, make bidders whole, and improve the platform for the future to restore trust.

In the email sent to my friend, DropCatch referenced a blog post the company published in conjunction with the email. The blog post has additional information about the situation, what the company is doing to remedy it, and a go-forward plan to reduce → Read More

Beta Testing DropCatch.com Private Auctions


About a week and a half ago, I noticed a change in one of the headings on DropCatch.com. "Type" was one of the column headings, and I had not seen that before. I reached out to Jeffrey and Andrew Reberry, and they confirmed that the platform would soon allow domain owners to list their domain names for auction.

At some point in the next week or so, I hope to publish an interview with more details about the auction platform. Topics I plan to discuss include how domain investors can list their domain names for sale, safeguards the company is undertaking to protect the integrity of the platform, and information about the mechanics of listing and selling domain names via DropCatch.com.

As Shane Cultra mentioned last week, DropCatch.com is now doing beta testing to work out any bugs. I asked if I could participate in the beta testing, and listed 6 domain names for sale at no reserve beginning today and ending in a week. Depending on the results, I may list additional domain names for sale. For now, here are the 6 domain names I → Read More

FyreFestival.com Domain Name in Auction at DropCatch.com


It looks like the Fyre Festival's domain name, FyreFestival.com, is now in auction at DropCatch.com. If you visit FyreFestival.com, you will be automatically redirected to the auction page, where the high bid is currently $320 with 2 days to go. You can see this was the domain name used by the festival as it is referenced on the Fyre Festival Facebook page (screenshot above).

Interestingly, based on historical Whois records at DomainTools, it does not look like the domain name went through a standard "domain name life cycle." In May of this year, the Whois record shows that FyreFestival.com was set to expire in November of 2018. For some unknown reason, the domain name seems to have expired prior to when it was supposed to expire in 2018.

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I bid in auctions on most of the major auction platforms, including on DropCatch.com. This afternoon while checking out some of the auctions there, I noticed an interesting auction for a domain name with 42 characters and 5 hyphens: OHSAS-18001-OCCUPATIONAL-HEALTH-AND-SAFETY.COM. Wow - that is a pretty hefty domain name.

I followed the auction as it was closing, and it looks like the domain name sold for $420. There were 8 bidders who placed 18 bids during the course of the auction. Not surprisingly, it looks like the .com is the only extension registered for this particular phrase.

I would imagine this has to be one of the highest selling domain names of this length and with this many hyphens, aside from brandable names that have hyphens between each letter. I presume the team at NameBio could probably say where this domain name ranks in terms of length and hyphenation amongst other sales like it.

An Archive.org entry likely reveals why this domain name was of interest (more…) → Read More

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