DropCatch vs. NameJet on Similar Auctions


There were a pair of similar pending delete auctions on NameJet and DropCatch.com that I thought would be interesting to highlight because of the auction results. I was tracking these auctions (and won one of them), and you can see the results on NameBio.

At the end of December, WorkInjuryLawyer.com and WorkInjuryLawyers.com went into pending delete status and were auctioned. At the end of September, TrafficAccident.com and TrafficAccidents.com went into pending delete status and were auctioned. I believe each pair of domain names deleted on the same day and the auctions took place over the same days.

One each of the singular and plural were caught by DropCatch.com and NameJet, and the results were pretty interesting:

  • TrafficAccident.com sold for $1,716 on NameJet
  • TrafficAccidents.com sold for $3,053 on DropCatch.com
  • WorkInjuryLawyer.com sold for $3,050 on DropCatch.com
  • WorkInjuryLawyers.com sold for $1,805 on NameJet

In the case of the traffic accident phrase, the plural achieved a higher result on DropCatch.com. In the case of the work injury lawyer phrase, the singular achieved a higher result on DropCatch.com.

It is not often that you can compare similar auctions like these across these two auction platforms. It was interesting to see the two auctions on DropCatch.com saw higher results than the similar auctions on NameJet.

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