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Neustar Domain Names Now Pushing Updates


I keep a whole bunch of Internet browsers opened at all times. This afternoon, I noticed a (1) in the title section on the tab in my browser. I went over to check out what it meant, and I saw a message that said "1 new headline - Click here to watch it!."

Looks like a neat new feature on that allows you to keep it on your browser without having to refresh the screen. When a new post gets added to the feed, you just have to click the notification button and the next post gets pushed on to your screen.

It's sort of like how Twitter updates your live feed, although Facebook pushes the updates without having to refresh. Cool feature - and useful to know when new articles are live on

I would recommend that Francois change the message to "1 new headline - Click here to view it!" → Read More Adds Domain Directory


DomainingFrancois Carrillo has added a domain industry business directory to the left sidebar and top right tab of, a smart move considering all of the targeted traffic the site receives. The directory has categories for domain brokers, registrars, parking, tools, escrow companies, and a number of other categories related to domain investing.

I had previously noticed the directory when it first started and was fairly empty, but in the past few weeks, it has become heavily populated. The cost for a directory listing is $700 a year for the top section of each category and $300 a year for the lower section of each category. It appears that all categories have at least two listings, and some several far more than the minimum.

I think it's a smart move by Francois as it will certainly generate additional revenue for his company, and it will also keep people on the website for longer, adding value to the other advertisers. Of course, it's also beneficial to visitors looking to find a domain related company. → Read More – New Service to Follow Domain Auctions


Francois Carrillo, founder of, recently launched, a website that allows visitors to track domain auctions from several top aftermarket websites, as the auctions are set to close. Visitors to and to the website can currently follow along with auctions from Sedo, GoDaddy,, Afternic,, and

Once Francois is able to integrate Namejet and Snapnames auctions into his platform, I think the service will be even more beneficial to domain investors. According to Francois, he is in the process of working with both companies to onboard them, although it seems like Snapnames will happen more quickly. With thousands of daily pageviews to, it's a good opportunity for these companies to get added exposure to their closing auctions.

Aside from its top placement on where domain investors can have a glance at upcoming ending auctions, another advantage of is that it offers information → Read More

Adding Value to


I emailed this to Francois yesterday but want to know your thoughts on this idea. I think a way to add value to is to allow people to post comments on articles, similar to a site like IMO, the more people that come to to actually stay there, the better for generating revenue.

I know there are websites and bloggers who either don't have a comment section or they simply don't approve comments that they perceive as being negative. One reason I don't generally post comments on other blogs is because I don't want to write a well-thought out comment only to see it sit in the moderation queue or get deleted because the post's author doesn't like comments that aren't in line with his/her thinking.

As mentioned in the past, I approve just about everything unless it's threatening towards someone, is too vulgar to post, has obvious spam, or is otherwise derogatory.

This would add value to the website, and people would visit to see what others are really thinking about certain → Read More

Francois Makes Business Decision, Lazy Domain Investors Go Nuts


Apparently Francois Carrillo of decided to add tech blog feeds to his website today. The result of the decision was that was briefly filled with non-domain related news articles. This made it difficult for domain investors to quickly find their favorite domain news and blog articles, and people publicly complained in blogs, Facebook, forums, and Twitter. That is, until Francois reversed course and took those feeds out.

I know has become popular because it allows people to easily find interesting domain-related news articles without having to visit a whole host of websites. I even get about 8-12% of my daily traffic from, so any confusion or excess articles might result in less traffic to my site. However, Francois has every right to make his own business decisions without public criticism from users who aren't paying him a dime.

I don't know if his business model is good (because someone may eventually buy him out) or it sucks (because it's now a loss leader), but that's → Read More

Taking for a Test Drive


When I visited yesterday, I saw the headline announcing the launch of, a sister website of and a domain valuation tool that is run using Estibot 2.0. Users are allowed to look up 50 domain names if they aren't registered users of and 200 if they are logged in to their account. This is the Beta version of the site, with the full launch expected to come in December.

One of the easiest ways to do a comparison of domain values is to compare recent domain sales from DN Journal with the results from Since a domain name's actual value is derived from what someone would pay for a domain name, one can infer that the recent sales price is close to its valuation. I wanted to take the new site for a test drive to see the results, and I figured using recent sales would be the most fair way to compare.

Below are some recent sales along with their prices and the valuation. I also added a few of my domain names to see how they are valued.

Domain → Read More

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