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I emailed this to Francois yesterday but want to know your thoughts on this idea. I think a way to add value to is to allow people to post comments on articles, similar to a site like IMO, the more people that come to to actually stay there, the better for generating revenue.

I know there are websites and bloggers who either don’t have a comment section or they simply don’t approve comments that they perceive as being negative. One reason I don’t generally post comments on other blogs is because I don’t want to write a well-thought out comment only to see it sit in the moderation queue or get deleted because the post’s author doesn’t like comments that aren’t in line with his/her thinking.

As mentioned in the past, I approve just about everything unless it’s threatening towards someone, is too vulgar to post, has obvious spam, or is otherwise derogatory.

This would add value to the website, and people would visit to see what others are really thinking about certain articles where comments are heavily moderated and/or censored.

The downside for Francois is that he would then have to become a comment moderator himself, which is something he may not wish to do. This doesn’t take a lot of time, but if people abuse the system and post hateful or incendiary comments that are just inappropriate, it could become time consuming and burdensome.

If the language barrier is an obstacle in getting advertisers, Francois might also be better served by hiring a sales rep who is fluent in English. There are plenty of people looking for work, and I am sure he could find a hungry sales representative who would work for commission. drives somewhere between 8-14% of my traffic each month, and I appreciate that. As the old saying goes, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. This post supports my feeling that every blogger want people to come to THEIR site to discuss. You wrote this post to bring people to your site and therein lies the problem. Bloggers don’t want Domaining to be the hub they want it to be the portal. You are known for not commenting on other sites but bringing the conversation here through a post. Completely acceptable and we all do it. But again that’s the problem domaining faces. I love the site and am grateful to Francois. I thank him when I can and if he asks I will certainly tell him my opinions of what I think will help him improve and monetize the site.

  2. @ Shane

    What would the point of blogging be if it wasn’t to bring people to your website? I owe it to my advertisers to bring as many interested and engaging people to my site, and I like having editorial control of my comments. If I have a typo or grammatical error, I like the fact that I can easily change it rather than have to ask someone to do it for me.

    Whether is the hub or portal is of no great matter to me. The more people that go to, the more people will come to my site. My blog would survive without and would survive without my blog. I do appreciate the extra traffic the site brings though, and that is why I am happy to make suggestions to Francois.

    The problem for Francois right now is that if 2 or 3 of the most widely read blogs/websites decide to block for whatever reason, becomes less valuable to its visitors.

  3. I think we are in complete agreement. Somehow I missed an entire paragraph in your post. I think you covered well. One point though, I who receives a great majority of my traffic from domaining would still survive. I wouldn’t even lose my advertisers because they have such cheap rates. What I would lose is time. Domaining has saved me months if not years of what it would have taken to build a readership. The readership is growing very quickly. The typins are up greatly week after week. I am one of the fastest growing blogs in domaining LOL. thanks for the post and nice talking to you. Always a pleasure

  4. Guys, just switch to NameBee and let it go…
    I really cant understand why everybody is concerned so much about Francois… The guy got a great name, and a great website, but he cant stop playing games…

  5. Elliot,

    People are too senstive and too easily offended in this day and age. It should be of no concern to people in the domaining world if somebody who offers a free site should ask for a donation. Good for him for asking. If no one donates to Francois’, then as you and others have suggested maybe Francois will be encouraged to think of alternative ways to monetize his site. Yes, I can see how some may be worried about those other sites being shown on his page,, but in the end it was only temporary. I don’t think that the advertisers for those owners of websites who were so concerned about this ordeal will be so put off as to pull their advertising. These discussions are good for the industry as a whole, and everybody, of course, is entitled to their opinion, but to have such a vocal and vehement uproar seems so overblown. Your general opinion was right on…Francois offers a free site so let him do as he pleases. BTW, your blog is exceptional! Have a great weekend!


  6. This is what we’re doing at (will be soon, for easy to remember)

    Most domain name blogs are listed, and you can comment to any blogs including feed.

    Not too fancy but it serve the purpose of showing the latest domainer’s blogs. Twice a day update. is also an articles sharing web portal, we have 200+ domain names using the news feed e.g.,,, etc. We have another 900+ moving to Cityware cms.

    So, domain bloggers if you’re not in feed send me email (em @ and I will add you right away.


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