– New Service to Follow Domain Auctions


Francois Carrillo, founder of, recently launched, a website that allows visitors to track domain auctions from several top aftermarket websites, as the auctions are set to close. Visitors to and to the website can currently follow along with auctions from Sedo, GoDaddy,, Afternic,, and

Once Francois is able to integrate Namejet and Snapnames auctions into his platform, I think the service will be even more beneficial to domain investors. According to Francois, he is in the process of working with both companies to onboard them, although it seems like Snapnames will happen more quickly. With thousands of daily pageviews to, it’s a good opportunity for these companies to get added exposure to their closing auctions.

Aside from its top placement on where domain investors can have a glance at upcoming ending auctions, another advantage of is that it offers information about the keyword(s) and search terms at a glance, including CPC, Estibot valuation, monthly searches, and # of Google results.

One of the most impressive things to me is that Francois has been able to create a large network of inter-related websites in the domain investment space. In addition to the aforementioned websites, Francois’ company also owns,, a popular, and a host of other projects that are in their infancy. When you think about it, I think it’s pretty neat to see what Francois has done in just a couple of years.


  1. HAHAH.

    Because last post you put your hongkong domains in your post forgetting that you need to sponsor that POST!!! and pay 200 bucks lol.

    So you did not pay, and you agreed to do the Post on the closing so you can be even.

    Very bad of you, you think world does not know, yes we all know. cheap ass

    • @ Sam

      Go fuck yourself… I paid for it, douche bag:


      May 18, 2010 10:53:37 PDT | Transaction ID: 8P380418LL3321202

      Hello Top Notch Domains, LLC,

      You sent a payment of $80.00 USD to Cybertonic (

  2. Sam…Whats wrong with some kind of inter related marketing benefits between “The Domainer’s Industry”. Sorry for you, keep on poking other people if that the best you could do in your life.

  3. Francois rocks!

    The guy is continually coming up with new ideas and implementing them very quickly (at least that’s the way it looks).

    Great, very useful stuff, too.

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