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2016 DomainFest Asia Date Announced


From what I have heard so far, DomainFest Asia was a pretty big hit. Late last night, Simon Cousins tweeted that the date for next year's conference was announced by conference organizer, Jothan Frakes. According to the tweet, DomainFest Asia will be held in Hong Kong September 19-22, 2016. I do not know if the venue was announced yet.

I expect to get a (more…) → Read More

DOMAINfest.Asia Focusing on China-West Communication and Business


I have five simple objectives for DOMAINfest.Asia, and I'm putting these five objectives into the beginning of all four of our China Boot Camp sessions at DOMAINfest.Asia this weekend:

1. Cross-cultural communication
2. Insights into China for westerners
3. Insights into the west for Chinese

The vision that we three hosts -- Jothan Frakes, the .Asia team and my Allegravita team -- had in our very first conversations about staging a historical first "China equally meets west" domain conference was that both sides should have ample opportunity to learn about each other. There is far, far lack of understanding of China from the western domain industry than there is understanding, and it is true vice versa as well. Helping western businesses to enter and prosper in China has been my life's mission for the 13 years we've been running Allegravita, so I view healthy and positive cross-cultural communication as the purpose for this entire domain conference.

4. Better business
5. More business

As an extremely active team of → Read More

Submit Domain Names for DomainFest Macau Auction


The DomainFest conference in Macau is coming up in just under a month from now, and I received an email seeking out domain name submissions for an auction that will take place during the event. The auction is being conducted by Right of the Dot, and it will take place on the domain name marketplace. The auction will be held online from September 2nd - 10th.

As you can probably imagine, it looks like the auction organizers are only seeking out high quality domain names that would appeal to the market. The types of domain names they suggested are high value liquid domain names, particularly short names, numeric domain names, and possibly some short one word domain names.

For your convenience, I have published the email I received below. Before you submit your list of domain names, you should probably carefully review the types of domain names they are seeking. (more…) → Read More

DomainFest Recap + CNN Coverage


domainfest globalWhen announced the one-day DomainFest event in New York, I didn't think I was going to attend due to previous travel obligations. After speaking with a few friends who were coming in to NY specifically to attend the conference, I made sure I would be back in time, hopping on a red eye flight and arriving a day before the conference.

I am very glad that I was able to make it. There was an announced crowd of about 200 people, and there was never much down time during the day and evening prior to the show (there were a couple of private parties and random get togethers). I don't usually attend panels and speakers at conferences, and last week's conference wasn't much different. I spent the sessions just outside the ballroom catching up with friends and colleagues.

The Expert Networking session in which I participated was well done. It lasted for two hours, but it didn't feel like it was that long. I had the chance to meet with several people whom I had never met, and also met with a few people who read my blog, which → Read More

Domain Auctions: Problems & Solutions – Part 1


Most domain investors would probably agree that the results of live domain auctions have been pretty weak recently. Aside from a few strong sales that have taken place, most auctions haven't produced the results people hoped to see. I'd like to discuss problems I see in part one and give my advice to improve live auctions going forward.

In no particular order, here are some of the reasons I believe domain auctions haven't been successful recently.

  • Lower PPC payouts and poor economy affecting domain investors' spending ability

For a few years, live domain auctions were dominated by some of the wealthiest domain investors. Many of these people and companies were spending money that they earned from PPC revenue. With payouts down across the board, there is less money to reinvest.

Likewise, with the economy in the tank, there is less financing available for domain buyers. People can't refinance their homes or other property as easily, and ultimately it means less money to spend on domain names. In addition, people are more → Read More