DomainFest Recap + CNN Coverage


domainfest globalWhen announced the one-day DomainFest event in New York, I didn’t think I was going to attend due to previous travel obligations. After speaking with a few friends who were coming in to NY specifically to attend the conference, I made sure I would be back in time, hopping on a red eye flight and arriving a day before the conference.

I am very glad that I was able to make it. There was an announced crowd of about 200 people, and there was never much down time during the day and evening prior to the show (there were a couple of private parties and random get togethers). I don’t usually attend panels and speakers at conferences, and last week’s conference wasn’t much different. I spent the sessions just outside the ballroom catching up with friends and colleagues.

The Expert Networking session in which I participated was well done. It lasted for two hours, but it didn’t feel like it was that long. I had the chance to meet with several people whom I had never met, and also met with a few people who read my blog, which was very cool. I know others who were less interested in this were in private meetings or were talking outside of the ballroom.

The live auction is usually a highlight of a domain conference, and although CNN and the New York Post were in attendance to write articles, it wasn’t as exciting as usual. A couple of big sales I heard were going to be made never materialized, and it seemed like many of the names were far overpriced. The auction houses are keen on bringing new inventory to market, but many of these names are still priced unrealistically, probably a reason why they weren’t in auction previously. Knowing Monte and his team, I will not be surprised at all if a couple big deals are announced in the next few days or possibly weeks.

One thing that was most impressive to me was the diverse turnout. Many of my friends from outside the area didn’t attend, yet there were still 200 people who showed up. Not only were domain investors and service companies there, but others were there as well – many of whom are only somewhat involved with domain investments.

This morning, CNN posted a video article with auction coverage, so you might want to have a look when you have a chance.

All in all, this was a great conference.


  1. Hi Elliot,

    It was wonderful to meet the face behind this blog and great chatting with you.

    I can see myself 10 seconds into the CNN video, on the right side, near the front. I suppose that as I earn more money in domaining, CNN will grant me more pixels on their shows;)

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