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Report: iPhone Almost Called “Mobi”


I read a New York Post report today that I found interesting and wanted to share with you. Apparently, the iPhone was almost called the "Mobi" which may have had an impact on the .mobi extension. According to the report:

"As the lawyers battled it out for control of the "iPhone" name, four alternatives were heavily considered by Apple.

The four alternatives, and the reasons for considering them were:

Mobi — A play on "mobile" but with a "with a little personality," according to Segall."

Although .iPhone probably wouldn't have people clamoring to register domain names, I could see app developers wanting to buy various names to match their apps. I wonder what .mobi domain names would be worth if everyone had a "Mobi" in their pocket instead of an iPhone.

This is one example of how a marketing decision by a large company can have a major impact on the domain space. → Read More

With Whois Changes, We Learn What Cloud Domain Names Apple Bought


When word of Apple's apparent purchase for several million dollars hit tech blogs, I did some additional research to see if the price was for or if there were additional domain names possibly involved in the transaction. Now that the Whois record for confirms that Apple did make the acquisition, we should be able to see if they bought additional iCloud domain names.

Below is a list of domain names that were also owned by Xcerion, the company that apparently sold to Apple. Next to these domain names is a note about whether the name is now owned by Xcerion or Apple. As you can see, Apple bought more than just, which means that we won't see the sale atop the DNJournal sales report, assuming the sales price is confirmed. Now Owned By Apple Ahead of Wednesday’s Event


Apple FaceTime

Many technology blogs and Apple fans are looking forward to the Apple event scheduled for tomorrow in San Francisco. It is widely speculated that the event will be the venue for an  announcement  about the newest version of the Ipad.

Some people have speculated that the IPad 2 may have a camera, which would likely enable Apple's "FaceTime." FaceTime is a popular application that allows video calls on the iPhone 4, the newest version of the iPod touch, and Mac computer to Mac computer using a wifi connection.

I just received a tip that in the last couple of days, it appears that Apple has taken possession of the domain name. According to a Whois lookup as recently as February 20, 2011, was owned by a company called FaceTime Communications, Inc.

As of this afternoon, the Whois information now shows Apple, Inc. as the current domain registrant for The domain name does not yet resolve to Apple's website, so if you want to learn about FaceTime, you need to visit → Read More

Verizon iPhone Domain Name Suffers Same Fate as at Go Daddy


Page Not Available

As news spreads of a presumed iPhone announcement from Verizon Wireless tomorrow, commentators have been discussing some related domain names that are now owned by Verizon. For instance, now appears to be owned by Verizon. The company  fiercely  defends it's trademarks, so this is no surprise to me.

Perhaps the best iPhone / Verizon domain name would be, which does not appear to be owned by either Apple or Verizon Wireless. Instead, it appears to be registered to a California resident and registered with Go Daddy.

According to a historical snapshot available on DomainTools, the domain name appears to have previously had a standard Godaddy landing page, which generally contains pay per click links.

However, the landing page seems to have suffered the same fate as that of the domain name. Instead of a PPC-filed lander, there is a graphic that says, "Sorry! This site is not currently available." I don't know if there is a way to tell if Go Daddy intentionally isn't → Read More

Using the iPad as a Sales Tool


When I walked into a photographer's studio in Lowell a few years ago to speak about my new website, the photographer was very interested in what I planned to do. I wanted to show him the first concepts of the site, and after taking several minutes to load his computer, we loaded the site on his browser. Unfortunately, due to some browser issues, the site looked like crap and he wasn't exactly impressed.

Fast forward a few years to a couple of months ago when I was invited to have a representative of stand outside a new pet store in Manhattan to hand out magnets with the website listed on them. Smartly, I brought my iPad, and when people asked how the site works, the person who was standing outside the table was able to use the iPad to walk them through the site to show them how it works and looks.

There was no need to rely on a wifi connection. We simply hooked it up to AT&T's 3g network, and voila!   It was a helpful sales tool, and after talking with my friend and fellow domain investor Tony Casella whose → Read More New Millionaire About to be Minted Courtesy of Apple?


Apple iPadAfter considerable speculation and discussion, Steve Jobs introduced the new Apple iPad today in a press conference that received much fanfare. The iPad is a device that is a new category of computing systems that bridges the gap between the iPhone smartphone and the Macbook laptop.

If history is an indication of the current situation, Apple is going to want the domain name, just as they own and was also privately held before Apple paid a great sum of money for it, and has been owned by Apple for quite some time (since at least 2001 according to a Whois history search). has been a privately owned domain name since 1997. The current registrant (Administrative Contact) is a person with a New Jersey address named Martine Bejasa. They don't have much on the front side of the website, although it's quite possible there is information for clients of the owner, as there is a client log in on the home page. The owners will probably get a ton of traffic, which will be → Read More

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