Using the iPad as a Sales Tool


When I walked into a photographer’s studio in Lowell a few years ago to speak about my new website, the photographer was very interested in what I planned to do. I wanted to show him the first concepts of the site, and after taking several minutes to load his computer, we loaded the site on his browser. Unfortunately, due to some browser issues, the site looked like crap and he wasn’t exactly impressed.

Fast forward a few years to a couple of months ago when I was invited to have a representative of stand outside a new pet store in Manhattan to hand out magnets with the website listed on them. Smartly, I brought my iPad, and when people asked how the site works, the person who was standing outside the table was able to use the iPad to walk them through the site to show them how it works and looks.

There was no need to rely on a wifi connection. We simply hooked it up to AT&T’s 3g network, and voila!   It was a helpful sales tool, and after talking with my friend and fellow domain investor Tony Casella whose company owns, I expect it would work for local sales agents in places like Lowell and Burbank.

If you rely on one-on-one sales for your websites, the iPad is a helpful tool you can use to show off your site. The only caveat is that Flash movies and ads won’t show up on the iPad.

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  1. @ IM some browser issues are just that. I for one hate having to be backwards compatible. IE6 or lower do not deserve to be supported anymore in my opinion.

    Elliot, you should do a blog article about websites and backward compatibility. Every site I build I make sure it works for IE7 or higher, Firefox, Chrome, Opera and Safari. Not a lot of people think about this stuff when building their site. Though it can make your head swim, such as browsers work differently on different platforms such as Windows vs Linux or Windows vs a Mac. Even Windows 32bit browser acts differently than Windows 64bit browser.

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