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Jen Sale and Adam Strong Launch Evergreen


Domain industry veterans Adam Strong and Jen Sale are working together on their new domain consulting and brokerage company, Evergreen. I first learned about Evergreen at NamesCon, and the company was officially launched this week.

Evergreen's focus will be on the naming space. According to Jen, "we provide services that help companies discover new names for their startup or new products/services. We create, acquire, monitor and protect these naming assets over the lifetime of the brand."

Although the company plans to be active in the domain brokerage space, Jen told me they plan to do much more beyond brokering domain names. "We might easily be pigeon-holed as a brokerage firm, but we're more of a (more…) → Read More

How Enhancements to NameBio Will Help Domain Investors


When I am buying or selling a domain name and looking for comparable sales data, I use NameBio. There are nearly a quarter of a million of archived public domain name sales reported by most of the major resale marketplaces dating back to the 1990s listed in the NameBio database.

According to a press release I received this morning, NameBio was recently revamped and the website was upgraded. NameBio has been operated by Adam Strong of Strong, Inc., and the press release announced a new strategic alliance with Michael Sumner. Both Adam and Michael have extensive knowledge of the domain space, and that gives them insight about what will make NameBio most useful for users.

Some of the major enhancements that were made that will interest domain investors include the following: (more…) → Read More

After Half Million Dollar Purchase, Now Live


Logo DesignIn early November of last year, it was announced that had been acquired for a half a million dollars by two Internet entrepreneurs. After months of business planning and website development, launched softly a couple of weeks ago.

As you would probably expect, is a site that sells professionally created logos. In addition to the logo work, the company also has web designers, branding experts, copywriters, illustrators, and other experts who can help companies enhance their presence online.

For those of you that might have web development or logo related domain names, a blog or a site dedicated to small business, their  affiliate program might be of interest to you. I don't have the full details of the program, but I understand the company is currently offering a $50 CPA for every new customer (for a limited time). You can leave your contact information, and the company will be in touch.

Under the leadership of eCommerce industry veteran, Alan Townshend, and Internet entrepreneur, Adam Strong, I → Read More

Domain Industry Veterans Launch Domain Guardians


domain guardiansA few weeks ago, I learned that Fabulous employees Mike Robertson and Jen Sale had announced their resignations from the company, and they hinted that the two of them had something big in the works.

I received a press release announcing the pair's new venture, and I was surprised to see some others involved in this exciting project.  Domain Guardians is a new domain registrar that is going to officially launch during the ICANN conference in a couple of weeks, and it involves Mike Robertson, Jen Sale, Bill Vanderent, Adam Strong and Paul Keating.

This is not going to be your standard domain registrar though. The company will offer "domain estate planning and management services to domain professionals." Estate planning specifically for domain investors is something that has been discussed by many (including me), but I don't believe there are any companies offering these services.

I spoke with Adam Strong, and he mentioned that a health scare  about 5 years ago focused his attention to this issue.

"The concept has been one → Read More Acquired by Well Known Domain Investor / Entrepreneur


As you've probably seen already last week, the domain name was brokered by Sedo and sold for half a million US dollars to a buyer who has yet to be disclosed. According to an earlier version of the website on (which has now changed), will provide graphic design and other services to small businesses and entrepenuers including logo design, website design, stationery design, printing and much more. Our website is launching in Q1 2011. We're looking forward to serving you!

Adam & Alan, Co-Founders of

If you're wondering who Adam and Alan are, I can give you some insight. Once the DNS changed to, I was able to instantly recognize the buyer, a friend of mine.

Adam is Adam Strong, a well-known and widely respected domain investor who was a co-founder of domain name news website, DNN. Alan is Alan Townsend, who was head of eCommerce at Personal Creations, which was acquired by Provide Commerce, Inc., the parent company of ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, Cherry Moon Farms and Shari's → Read More