Logo.com Acquired by Well Known Domain Investor / Entrepreneur


As you’ve probably seen already last week, the domain name Logo.com was brokered by Sedo and sold for half a million US dollars to a buyer who has yet to be disclosed. According to an earlier version of the website on Logo.com (which has now changed),

Logo.com will provide graphic design and other services to small businesses and entrepenuers including logo design, website design, stationery design, printing and much more. Our website is launching in Q1 2011. We’re looking forward to serving you!

Adam & Alan, Co-Founders of Logo.com

If you’re wondering who Adam and Alan are, I can give you some insight. Once the DNS changed to IdealHosting.com, I was able to instantly recognize the buyer, a friend of mine.

Adam is Adam Strong, a well-known and widely respected domain investor who was a co-founder of domain name news website, DNN. Alan is Alan Townsend, who was head of eCommerce at Personal Creations, which was acquired by Provide Commerce, Inc., the parent company of ProFlowers, RedEnvelope, Cherry Moon Farms and Shari’s Berries.

The new company will offer logo and design services to small businesses and entrepreneurs. You can’t get much of a better domain name for this type of service than Logo.com – that’s for sure.  According to Adam,  “we’re in full-fledged development mode right now building out the platform and lining up patnerships. We’ve got some great designers already lined up but we’re always going to be looking for more.”

He indicated that some recent large sales to domain investors helped spur this investment. Adam notes, “with my good friends Richard Kirkendal and Richard Lau buying up category killer domains like DomainName.com and launching successful sites on Resume.com ,  I figured I had to ‘keep up with the Jones’ a bit .  . . haha.”

These two internet entrepreneurs have worked together in the past, which should help them work well together on Logo.com. According to Strong, “Alan and I have worked together on several large domain brokering deals over the years and we’ve always talked about doing something together on a killer domain. This domain came up, time and again. It was one we always thought would be a home run. ”

Congrats to Adam and Alan, and I wish them both all the best with this key domain name.


  1. Congrats guys – it’s a great name for sure. I wish you luck with the business and know you will do well. I’ve signed up for the newsletter and will look forward to updates.

  2. Great name. I don’t think they should worry about any competition in the future from Logos.com

    I just hope they will not provide an overpriced design services since there are plenty of Freelnacing websites around not to mention strong competitors such as 99designs.com


  3. I was digging into this earlier today to try and find out who the owners were to follow up on me reporting the sale. LOL

    Like you said.. the DNS should have gave it away to me but I didn’t see the “Adam & Alan, Co-Founders of Logo.com” on the site.

    Congrats to both!

  4. An old thread, but thought we’d update you to let you know that http://www.Logo.com is now a full fledged business. And @irishddomainer we can even set you up as a White Label site so that Logo.ie can be your own Logo Maker!

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