Super Bowl Sunday Thoughts and Updates

It’s Super Bowl Sunday, and unfortunately, my team (New England Patriots) aren’t playing. The good news is this means I can drink during the game. It’s not that I can’t drink when they play, but I prefer to not drink when they’re playing. Today will be a Focal Banger and Heady Topper day for me! If you’ve had either of these beers, I am sure you know that means it will be a good day regardless of the outcome of the game.

Here are some thoughts and updates for you today:

Will Taco Bell advertise using their domain name? That could be some nice exposure for the .CO Registry. My bet is that this will be the only, although I wouldn’t be surprised to see a couple of .org domain names.

A larger percentage of people than I thought believe a company will use a new gTLD the domain name in a Super Bowl commercial. My guess is no, but I wouldn’t be floored if one of the big brands did use one.

.XYZ now has over 2 million registered domain names. I bet a lot of people would never have guessed that would happen a couple of years ago.

There are now over 12 million registered new gTLD domain names, according to The velocity of registrations may have slowed down over the past month or two, but I would imagine it’s going to increase soon after the Chinese New Year. I am still on the sidelines when it comes to investing in them.

I would love to see an ICANN meeting in Boston at some point in the near future. I think the city of Boston is the perfect location for the meeting.

Who wants to be the first donor for my Pan-Mass Challenge bike ride later on this Summer?!? My goal is raising $10,000 for Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, and I am riding in the 2-day, 163 mile Pan Mass Challenge in August. Last year, with your help, we raised over $8,000 and I can use your support. Thank you in advance!

** Update ** Mike Berkens pledged to be the first donor to my Pan-Mass Challenge ride and is donating $1,000 to Dana-Farber!

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I see a really good “Super Bowl” .com available to register now. I was going to say I guess people don’t touch them because of TM reasons, but then I just visited and So which is it, TM minefield or good to go?

  2. Here’s my one Super Bowl commercial observation:

    It seems that there are many more hashtags than domain names, and everyone is using .com so far.

    I am surprised there are so many more hashtags than branded websites.

  3. Another plug emerges from the Super Bowl for the greatness and virtually limitless versatility of the new .Gold domain, one of the three best new ones now (.gold, .club, and .shop):

    “Here’s Why Companies Spend Millions On Super Bowl Ads”


    “According to Sports Illustrated

    Excerpted from SUPER BOWL GOLD: 50 Years of The Big Game.”


    As in, “SuperBowl.Gold” (caps in original as quoted)

    It’s too bad .Gold is so expensive, however, otherwise it would probably have similar popularity and awareness to .club and .xyz instead of withering on the vine at a few thousand regs.

    • And P.S. – In case anyone even thinks it for a moment, registering a domain like “SuperBowl.Gold” itself is not at all the point, which may or may very well not be a good idea for that one specifically, so rethink it all the way outside the box if you’re thinking that, and think about popular common everyday speech, writing and usage…like the example shown…

    • Well naturally we all have our opinions. In your case that would be a very predictable opinion because your perspective is that of someone who primarily seeks to sell domains and make a profit from that, as is the case for so many “flippers” and “investors” who frequent the blogs. That’s certainly one perspective, and some like yourself have done well with that. My perspective on why .Gold is one of the few best is that of someone who views it primarily as an end user in terms of end use and usefulness in publishing and commerce. Just strictly as a person regardless of vocation – the kind of person people who sell domain names want to sell domain names to – I genuinely like it and think it’s great. The only thing that ruins it is the pricing now. If it were marketed in a way that does not discourage widespread adoption like .club and .xyz, especially beyond the immediately obvious “inside the box” literal application, then I expect it would most likely become popular and people would recognize the kind of “think outside the box” usefulness, positive affection, and virtually limitless versatility that they have been seeing, hearing, and practicing themselves with the word “gold” virtually all their lives in the English speaking world. That popularity and affordability would then tend to translate into adoption and desirability, which would then even tend to make the “flippers” and “investors” happier as well. That kind of “think outside the box” flexibility of thinking and marketing is also what I kept saying early on in the blogs regarding what makes .club so great beyond the immediately obvious and literal application as well, and in time not surprisingly even both you, the Chief Marketing Officer of .Club Jeff Sass, and no doubt others came to demonstrate recognition of that such as over here on September 19 – (Incidentally as I stated in the second post under Jeff Sass’s at that thread there is still no charge for that kind of visionary foresight and sharing on my part.) 😉

    • What are your thoughts on the new .online domains? Given that it is a normal expression to use when talking about a website I am curious of whether these will catch on

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