Taco Bell Promoting Ta.co


It looks like Taco Bell is promoting its new website and Ta.co domain name on Twitter. If you have a look at Taco Bell’s Twitter page, you can see the company has a Ta.co graphic background, and the avatar also has a Ta.co logo. The promoted url is also Ta.co.


When you visit Ta.co, you are redirected to Taco Bell’s website, which can be found on TacoBell.com. I think this is a simple marketing tactic to capitalize on the short ta.co url. Here’s what the company says about Ta.co on its website:

“We humbly believe that we are the world’s #1 supporter of the taco. From bringing Crunchy Tacos to the masses, to introducing the Doritos ® Locos Taco, to petitioning for the much-needed taco emoji, we just love tacos. And now, we actually own the domain. From now on, TacoBell.com is as simple as Ta.co.”

Entrepreneur published an article about Ta.co, stating that Taco Bell is taking a “startup approach” for its website. Taco Bell’s CEO commented about Ta.co in the article.

Based on Whois records, it looks like the company may have acquired Ta.co recently. The Whois information is private, but the domain name had been owned by the registry as recently as September 19, 2015.

I reached out to Neustar’s Lori Anne Wardi, who works on the .CO registry line of business, and if she has any additional information to share about this new Taco Bell campaign, I will update the article.

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  1. Hey Elliot- the domain name was acquired directly from the Registry a couple of weeks back…
    We are super excited about it! Among other things, there is a huge billboard in Times Square — and the press coverage has been very positive across the board. Talk about thinking outside the bun! You gotta love ta.co!

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