Will a New gTLD Domain Be Used in a Super Bowl Ad?

We know that Super Bowl television advertisements are usually funny and edgy. One way to be humorous and edgy, in my opinion, is to use a new gTLD domain name for a Super Bowl advertising website. If a humorous domain name were to be used, it could help create a buzz and also be used to better track traffic following the Super Bowl.

I have no idea if any companies are planning to use a new domain name in their Super Bowl advertising campaigns, but I would not be shocked to see one. I would imagine someone in the domain space  might have noticed that a large company purchased a new domain name but I haven’t seen anything reported yet. Of course, a company could have easily registered something under Whois privacy and it hasn’t been revealed yet.

I am curious if you think a new gTLD domain name extension is going to be used by a brand during  tomorrow’s Super Bowl. It would almost certainly create as much buzz as Google’s decision to use a .XYZ domain name for its new parent company, Alphabet.

Vote in the poll today and watch the big game tomorrow to see.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Just to clarify a bit… I am quite sure no registry or registrar would advertise. I am asking about whether a brand will advertise and direct viewers to a website that uses a new gTLD domain name.

  2. Its still too early. First, the company would have to own a new GTLD. Then, they would have to be willing to use that over their .com Surely any company able to spend $5 million for a 30 second spot has a great .com – The only company I can imagine using a new GTLD, would be GoDaddy and in that case, they would be best off to do an ad showcasing all of the best new GTLDs Even if they did that, the would still direct people to GoDaddy .com to get a domain and check out the new GTLDs. I can already imagine a fun commercial that has a guy sitting there thinking of domain names and as he sees each new GTLD, he has a vision of each one. He sees .xyz and has a vision of alphabet characters or a flashback to his early school days. He sees .club and visions himself in an exclusive night club. He sees .cars and sees himself driving his favorite sports car. You get the point! If I am not mistaken, GoDaddy did a super bowl commercial last year or the year before. They seem to be the only domain company doing ads. A fantasy football site like Draft Kings could do an ad with one of the new GTLDs and do something like Fantasy .Football Which does bring up the fact that .Football is indeed an available GTLD and the super bowl would be the perfect time to break that out. I do however doubt that anyone like Budweiser or CocaCola has a .Football extension in their portfolio. I can see it now. A person on the ad says, go to Coke .Football * Just type Coke then a . (Dot) and Football only! Not .com and don’t worry about www. Well actually, it might just be easier to go to CocaCola .com but if I have confused you, just Google us! That is where most people type in a URL anyway. I mean a domain. Well domain name to be specific, but they are the same thing. You get my point! Most people forget that outside of the domain world are a bunch of people that know the Internet as a blue “e” on their desktop or an app on their phone. When they do go to a website, even if they know it, they first go to Google, then they “search” for the domain and click on the first result.

  3. I know Superbowl is massive but from trying to play the old McFadden games to watching a few matches I’ve never quite grasped the other football. Although I appreciate the magnitude of such event and the marketing potential it holds of which can’t believe a year has flown since Go Daddy pulling it’s controversial dog adoption commercial.

    Anyway back at the home of football (UK), advertising using a new gtld has already been used. Granted it wasn’t stand out but used on one of the billboards. There was an advert for a .shoes domain

    At Old Trafford home of Manchester United I have seen http://heroes.shoes advertised on a number of occasions.


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