Sunday Thoughts and Updates

We’re almost half way through the year, and I hope your business is doing well. My sales numbers are up significantly over the first half of last year. As a result, I have continued making strategic acquisitions in the domain aftermarket.

Here are some thoughts and updates for the weekend. Your comments and updates are invited as well.

  • There are a few spots remaining for the DomainSponsor / RookMedia domain investor meetup in Chicago. Here are the details if you want to attend. It will be a fun evening at the Cubs game with other people in the business. I haven’t been to Chicago in a few years, and I am looking forward to it.
  • Sorry, your [random] .Rocks domain name is not worth any more today than prior to the Autism.Rocks sale.
  • I am not interested in selling, which I bought on NameJet earlier this month. Despite making it clear that the domain name is not for sale, I have turned down multiple offers for significantly more than double what I paid for the domain name.
  • It’s always a bit amusing seeing price increases on domain names that haven’t sold in years.
  • I have a question about the English Premier League and hope someone can answer. Why are all 2015/2016 EPL matches scheduled to start Saturday at 15:00? I know there are other match times (like on Sundays) and I am wondering when the real schedule is announced with actual kick off times. Let me know if you know!
  • There are quite a few very good domain brokers in the business. As a domain investor, the trouble with buying a domain name from one of them is that the odds are very high that they also contacted end user buyers. One must wonder why those end user buyers weren’t willing to pay more for the domain name.
  • I don’t really agree with Morgan’s assessment.  I can’t even think of other examples of the exact match new gTLD domain name selling for more than the exact match .com, aside from Autism.Rocks vs. You are welcome to share some that I may have missed.
  • After year one, I have no regrets that I didn’t invest in more than a handful of new gTLD domain names.
  • That being said, I would not hesitate to launch a non-domain name investment business on Silver.Ventures. It would serve as an informational website, and being found online would not be critical to the success of the business. My main concern would be lost emails. It’s not happening for some time, but I wouldn’t hesitate in the same way I didn’t hesitate to use Elliot.CO.
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
  1. It is kind of “pathetic” and Amusing that every domain that Sir Elliot bought, there are offers from other people who are willing to pay double for it.
    The power of marketing!!!

    I have been making lots of money in this “BullS” domain industry by not buying any whatever gtld domains.

    Go USA!!!

    USA 2, Germany 1
    Please do not “win” the game by the shootouts-play until a goal is scores,till the game ends.

    • I beg to differ. Just mentioning a name on our blogs is marketing. Thousands read daily and anything put in front of their eyes has officially or unofficially been marketed.

    • DShame- your are a marketing wh*&^re

      You get paid to market domain names.

      You can read all the domain blogs, attend all the domain conferences, view all the instructional videos about buying/selling domains, whatever/however ways you want to slice/dice but the bottom line is

      you need MONEY.

      That it, all it takes is MONEY to buy good domains.

      you hear me…Greece…Money.

      Brace yourself tomorrow Market, it will be a big drop, not to pee in your pants, just wear extra layers of Depends.

    • I think Shane probably runs one of the most successful non-domain name related businesses of anyone I know who is active in the domain space.

      Not a nice way to conduct yourself towards him.

  2. I had an interesting exchange recently. I saw a pending sale in my Godaddy Auctions account and promptly removed the listing from SEDO. Within a couple hours I received a call about the same domain name. The “buyer” had “bought” the domain but didn’t want to pay that price so he suggested I change the listing from BIN to Make Offer. I told him if he didn’t want to pay that price he could just not go through with payment and it would automatically be relisted. The next day I raised the price 🙂 My time has a value.

  3. Elliot,

    3:00 pm on a Saturday has been a tradition for years in English football. It’s all geared around TV. It’s the one time that games can’t be broadcast on TV – it ensures bums are put in seats.

  4. Hi Elliot,

    Personally, I don’t think there is any reason why a domain name should NOT increase in value over the course of a few years regardless of whether it has sold or not.

    Globally the population is increasing, markets are expanding and commercial value simply grows.

    As long as it is a .Com, it should not only provide you with amusement, but it should give the owner a solid increase in value. 🙂

  5. “I don’t really agree with Morgan’s assessment. I can’t even think of other examples of the exact match new gTLD domain name selling for more than the exact match .com, aside from Autism.Rocks vs. You are welcome to share some that I may have missed.”

    I don’t agree with that assessment either. It seems like Morgan throws out stories just to get traffic. It’s not the first time or the last time you will see this happen there.

  6. New Gtld’s are a poor man’s porsche “944” They will work but in the end you want a turbo 4s aka >com.

    The problem is do you buy that turbo now and spend the money while your young and can enjoy it, or do you settle on what anyone can get a 944. It will drive fine but no one is going to take notice of you and it will never perform like a turbo S aka .com.

    • Problem is, just like so-called “real” Porsche’s, not everyone can afford the .COM they want. So they settle for something less but still make the best of it that they can.

  7. Elliot,

    The games are all listed as 15:00 until the broadcasters announce the live games they have selected for the 1st few months, this is actually imminent and will be early July at the latest, there is no set date.

    You cant wait for the Arsenal, I can smell your high hopes from here!

  8. I don’t believe Morgan’s article about gTLDs was accurate. It certainly got many non-domainers to circulate it and wrongly make ridiculous statements about value of gTLDs in general vs. .COMs. In one LinkedIn group I’m in (non domain related), an “online marketing guru” (her self-description) cited Morgan’s article and said “GTLDs are selling for more than .COMs!”

    I might be living in a different world, but that has not been my experience. In fact, mine has been the opposite. I’m selling more .COMs at higher prices than ever before.

  9. RE: Morgan Linton’s article

    He compares NNNN .coms to a couple of premium nTLDs. He’s comparing apples to oranges, and it proves absolutely nothing.

    Generic keyword domains (one or two words) will always be more valuable than random LLLL or NNNN domains.


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