Rosanna Scotto’s Soy Jizzum… The Race For the .Com is On


You may not have seen the clip yet, but on Fox 5 New York this morning, one of the anchors referred to “soy jizzum” in an article about soy milk. The news went viral, with everyone from the Huffington Post to Gawker covering the news.

As the video gets thousands of page views and new remix videos are created on You Tube (see below), the race to register the domain name has officially started. So who will be first? Will the buyer purchase all of those typos? How do you spell jizzum anyway? I bet you’re Googling it right now… dirty minds.

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  1. Rosanna being very Italian probably never heard of:
    *Coconut Milk
    *Almond Milk
    *Rice Milk

    On the other hand being very Italian, Rosanna should know that “milk” (as she knows it) is not limited to coming just from cows.

    Milk also comes from:

    Water Buffaloes – hey Rosanna, being Italian and your family in the restaurant business haven’t you ever eaten Buffalo Milk Mozzarella?

    Sheep -hey Rosanna some of Italy’s Mediterranean and European neighbors use this milk to make:
    *Feta cheese (Greece)
    *Roquefort cheese (France)
    *Manchego cheese ( Spain)
    and last but certainly not least your own beloved
    *Pecorino Romano (Italy)

    By the way Rosanna, sheep’s milk is also used to make Ricotta. It’s not just made from cow’s milk.

    Mangia Rosanna!

  2. bless her soul. I always liked Rosanna Scotto. someone took already. i wonder if they will go so far as to register,, and too.

  3. “Tricolorro, but isn’t milk just limited to coming just from cows?”

    If your question was serious then,

    um, no, milk is not just from cows.

    But cow’s milk just comes from cows. 🙂

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