My Top 10 Favorite Domain Names

I was talking with a friend (who isn’t in the domain business) about domain domain names, and he asked me what domain names I wish I owned and what domain names I did own that were my favorites. It wasn’t a long discussion and I gave a few off the cuff answers, but it got me thinking.

Since having the conversation a few days ago, I’ve been thinking about what domain names I wish I owned so I could develop them, and I thought I would share the list on my blog. Β  I would love to hear about the names you’d love to own.

Favorite Ten Domain Names I Would Love to Own to Develop:


Favorite 10 Domain Names I’ve Ever Owned or Currently Own (not considering purchase or sale price)

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. @ Aaron

    True… my Dad is in that business, as was my Grandfather and Great Grandfather. I worked with my Dad in high school and sometimes in college on breaks. I knew the business pretty well.

  2. I’ve had an odd obsession with for several years.. would love to own it..

    that, and and, cause I love those two cities.. (highlands is in nc)


  3. Nice list. Most of the names would be a lifetime worth of work to develop and manage… a lifetime well spent I imagine.

    My dream domains would be generic future tech / web keywords. I actually started to write a list, but having looked it over, some of the domains may be attainable in my lifetime. I will keep them to myself for now πŸ™‚

    I’d also love a premium

  4. Elliot,

    Your list was cool. I like the most. If I can own 10 domain names, I would want:

  5. Elliot,

    While thinking about the top 10 domains, I noticed that you can determine what interests people through their domain wants. There is one domain I really want right now, but I can’t make an offer yet. The owner hasn’t used the domain to its fullest potential.

    Because of targeting only one area, they kept the domain from increasing in value. Using estibot or valuate, it is worth around $7500. I have many domains that also appraise for that amount and above. The monthly search results are slightly above 1,000. What is like about the domain is its name and market potential.

    What would be a fair deal to offer this owner on Sedo? I don’t want to offer something too little, but don’t want to offer too much. I don’t feel this domain is popular yet. I have plans to turn it into something major. Thanks.

  6. hi

    blog theme is interesting and good. my top domains


  7. Elliot… I really like your

    My favorites wish list are:


  8. I’m with you on although that is being used to full potential already. on the other hand is just begging for the right person to develop. Out of interest, what value would yo put on

  9. Not sure about you -but I think skiing is a better keyword as most people, or at least I do type in skiing instead of ski when looking for products.

    I would put it pretty close to ski myself, but the appraisal bots say other wise.

  10. I would want:

  11. It looks like is a previously owned domain. Funny thing is, it must of been purchased by a super domainer as it has the pop up advertising THis was covered on another blog yesterday about getting plugged on a lot of parked domains.

    I think that was a good sell. Hopefully you got a good price from the super domainer.

    I can;t think of a super profitable idea that would be worth while for that domain or development doesn’t seem FUN to me.

    Most everyones top 10 domains are taken and developed for Maximum Profit and if ever sold it would have to be a bankruptcy or a See No Profit in your lifetime type of Deal. LOL

    A lot are owned by corporations.

    TENNIS.COM is my Absolute favorite domain.

    Do you have any idea how much people spend on Tennis?
    The pros alone with all the sponsors make millions per tourny.
    This one has Super Potential.
    Where was In June ’96?

    Time to go get or…hhahah

  12. My top ten names — assuming a PowerBall win is in my future:

    1) (need one for sure name),
    4) (I’m a big coffee drinker!),

    Insurance is mandatory so I know if I was wrong on 1-9, I’m still alright. πŸ™‚ Todd

  13. Great post Elliot…always one of the more interesting topics!

    My top 10 most wanted:
    #11 –

  14. <== the same in many languages! <== ditto <== I own it <== own it. <== own it; partially developed.

    That's it!

  15. Fun thread πŸ˜€

    Mine would be… (in no particular order)

    Ah.. and — nice.


  16. Here is my top 10 list of domains I covet for development:
    Χ™Χ”Χ•Χ”.com (Hebrew: God)
    上帝.com (Chinese: God)

    Not as if I could do justice to some of these wrt development, but I would love to try. Developing in areas of personal interest is frequently a labor of love.

  17. Top 10 3D Domain wish list.

  18. I would love to
    My favorite that i own include:

    and for when marijuana is legal:

  19. My Top 10


  20. I own and looking for new owner for


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