Some Recent Domain Acquisitions

Last month, I shared some of my recent hand registrations. Since then, I probably bought fewer than 5 additional hand registered domain names. I want to get back to hand registering names, but it takes as much time to find good ones as it does to research higher value names, and I still have greater success with those.

I want to share an assortment of domain names I bought in the aftermarket over the last few weeks. This is just an assortment and is not the entire list, but I think it gives an idea of the types of domain names I regularly buy.

My recent domain name acquisitions:


In addition to these, I have been buying mid to large city and town domain names. The smaller the locale, the more affluent it needs to be for me to consider. I have generally been sticking with United States based locations. I have had a decent amount of success selling these types of domain names (only, so I am continuing to buy them as good opportunities come up. I have learned a few tricks to finding buyers, and I think that has boosted my sales rate. Two things to keep in mind are that they can be tough to sell and the majority of sales are in the mid 4 figure to low 5 figure range.

I invite you to share some of your recent acquisitions if you would like. I think it’s helpful for people to see what is moving in the aftermarket, especially since many aftermarket purchases go unreported.

Also, if you have excellent keyword .com domain names for sale at a reasonable price, contact me. Please don’t send me new gTLD registrations, names that have a creation date in the last 5 years, or names that make no sense. If you do contact me with names for sale and find yourself having to explain what the name means or why it is (or will be) valuable, save us both some time and don’t send! 🙂

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
About The Author: Elliot Silver is an Internet entrepreneur and publisher of Elliot is also the founder and President of Top Notch Domains, LLC, a company that has closed eight figures in deals. Please read the Terms of Use page for additional information about the publisher, website comment policy, disclosures, and conflicts of interest. Reach out to Elliot: Twitter | Facebook | LinkedIn
  1. Hi Elliot,

    Interested in one of these:


  2. Hi Elliot,

    I really like, I too have purchased a few real estate names recently.

    I like to dabble in hand registrations too, here are a few i’ve picked up:

  3. After market acquisitions:


    Elliot is this post after market only or had reg as well

  4. Off top of my head; Over last few months i bought:
    All .com’s bought at auction or private transaction.

    Not only a musical instrument and type of bird, but also the newest discovered and oldest arqueological site in all of North and South America, located in Huacho, Peru (5500 year old city being uncovered via 20 million dollar grant).

  6. I acquired Civilizations //.com not too long ago. The WHOIS is under privacy, as I often listen to Shane’s advice.

    From your list, Bicentennial is an one every 200 years domain.

  7. I like Projections, Bicentennial and Existential. Good luck with those Elliot! 🙂

    Some of my recent acquisitions:

  8. No acquisitions of late but I have ranked a number of Spanish real estate minisites with a lead capture form on page one of Bing / Yahoo for the exact match term (Bogota, Mexico City, San Antonio, New York, Miami, Los Angeles, Cartagena, Cancun, Medellin, etc). Google is a different story. While I do receive an occasional lead (someone looking for housing in those respective markets), I have not been able to connect with anyone who wants leads. Real estate agents generally speaking don’t care about domain names.

    • Hi Leonard,

      It takes a lot of work and time to establish direct lead buyer connections for most industries, unless your leads are for a very specific and small sized niche where the sales landscape is accessible and the amount of prospecting is more manageable.

      Over the years, I’ve found a more efficient approach is selling the leads to the lead brokers who handle that specific industry. You have to give them a significant piece of the pie, but it’s a faster and much less time consuming process. Often there are 2 to 3 solid brokers for the high value small sectors, so you can approach several and negotiate the best % deal for your share.

      You can also do Exclusive, Non-Exclusive, and “Defined Time Period” arrangements so once the leads are sold for the primary exclusive period, after that expires, you can later resell them again to other brokers.


  9. Both OnlineAssistant and KitchenMakeover are very nice and should fetch a nice price. Existential is a gamble, but someone may take a keen desire to it. Bicentennial happened almost 40 years ago, so not sure what led you to want to spend anything on that. I suppose there might be something outside the US, but is there really and is it worth the gamble?

  10. But seriously, though, similar to the singular, quite useful for marketing or image related services, so not a bad gamble at all depending on what you paid for it.

  11. Hi Elliot,

    I recently hand registered and

    After watching my 4 and 1/2 year old daughter watch ridiculous YouTube videos of grown adults opening up surprise toy eggs with 500,000 views I figured there might be a market for the pair…

    Unfortunately these videos are like crack cocaine to kids but have made a few people millionaires due to the revenue they create through advertisements and the toy companies paying these weirdos to promote their product lines.


  12. Hi Elliot, is a great buy, I’ll be following it to see where it takes you.

    Hand reg’d:

    as part of the * craze.

    Cheers Eliot,



    I have no idea what to do with them. I don’t have the patience to deal with website developments right now.

  14. Hi Elliot,

    Interesting domains. Regarding – Do you believe it’s good practice to purchase the singular and plural? Or are you satisfied with owning one of the two?

    What are your thoughts?

  15. Congratulations on I held this domain from 1999 for about 11 years – it’s good to see it in such good hands now!

  16. Like your Geo’s. Have owned (very affluent suburb of Cleveland) for a while. Would be interested in here your thoughts.

  17. Hi Elliot,

    I have purchased and licensed a number of “City” and “City” domains over the years. I recently purchased and flipped the domain quickly for a tidy profit to one of several agents battling for it.

    As a Realtor (and domainer/site owner), in my opinion, “City” and “City” are the best domains an agent can own and use for their brand. While was a quick flip (many of the interested agents actually contacted me), reselling real estate-related domains is tricky.

    I try to avoid buying domains of suburbs, even if bigger suburbs of larger cities. In my experience, these domains are more difficult to license and/or sell. Find RE domains of cities that have populations of 100K or more. The bigger the market, the larger the pool of potential buyers. Even then success isn’t guaranteed. The real estate market in the area needs to be robust. More importantly, if most homes in the area are $150K, there are going to be fewer agents making any serious money that will be able to afford a quality domain.

    Instead of contacting hundreds or thousands of agents, focus on the agents that have a decent online presence now and have a number of higher-end listings. Agents with big teams to support are also potential buyers because they may want to have a second or third website for leads to help “feed” their team members. Another approach may be to call individual real estate office managers, create a rapport, and ask them to share that your domain is for sale with their agents.

    I hope this helps someone out there considering buying/selling RE domains.

  18. I recently purchased: (In-Vitro Fertility)

    I prefer Niche + Geo targeted names. They are easy to sell.

  19. Hey Elliot. Some good names, I was actually looking at a few of those in the aftermarket.

    I picked up a few weeks ago.

    I also just listed on Godaddy actions. 4 letter, brandable name. Let’s see what happens.


    • When I was 18 years old I spent the summer living in Jamaica Plain! Talk about an education for a back-ass country hick from Iowa. Our vehicle was broken into the 1st night there and we seemed surrounded by danger. But after getting to know the neighborhood, the little thieves returned our credit cards and I spent the next couple months having one of the great experiences of my life! Glad to hear the area has become popular and trendy. It was neither when I was there. But the area was full of fantastic people who accepted and protected a lonely country boy as one of their own!


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