Social Networking to Sell Domain Names


Subscribe to Elliot's BlogOn the treadmill last night, I was thinking about how to get around administrative assistants and other obstacles in the way of directly communicating with a decision maker. Most of the time at mid to large companies, the decision maker has an admin who reviews all emails and phone calls before passing them through. If something appears to be spammy, there’s a good chance the message will be deleted before the decision maker sees it.
In the day of Linkedin and Facebook, more and more people (including decision makers) are signing up for accounts on these networks. Since it isn’t always business that is discussed on these networks, I would assume that many connect their personal email addresses to the account. With the help of a mutual friend – or maybe even a cold call, you can get in touch directly with the decision maker. Although it will still be difficult to get in touch with a decision maker at a large company, it’s possible to do this to those at small to medium size companies.
The difficult thing is determining who the decision maker is. Social networking sites actually play a role in determining who to contact, as most allow the decision maker to list his credentials right on the site. If you get in touch with the wrong person, there’s also a good chance that this person will tell you who the right person is.
Instead of sending a blind email, social networking communications could help you get in touch with the decision makers you need to reach. The caveat is that I just thought of this and haven’t tried it yet.


  1. Socialnetworking is an excellent tool and conduit to sales. I actually just sold (payment pending)to a buyer who found me through Linkedin.
    The only thing to bear in mind, it typically costs $10.00 to contact a decision maker, but is very worth it if you have a targeted domain to sell.
    Nice one Elliot…your blog is wicked!!

  2. I also have been contacted from potential buyers about domains via linkedin.
    I’ve been pinged more than a few times on linkedin by people I don’t know trying to pitch me stuff or want something from me. To me it’s no different than a cold-call imho so you better make your opening good or I think it will just be considered an annoyance. I know you are trying to break through but so is everyone else. Tread lightly. You don’t want to be on the other end of the equation one day trying to prevent all the “in-spam”

  3. Hello,
    Some of you have said that Linkedin is used for finidng endusers. I am member of it but could not understand the concept.Can u explain me a little..

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