Acquired for $875,000

I want to share news of a large sale that was just reported to me. was acquired on December 27, 2012 for $875,000. The buyer sent me a copy of the closing statement to prove the transaction was completed.

The acquiring company is JM Bullion, which was founded in 2011 and has reportedly seen tremendous growth.  According to Kendall Saville, an investor in the company, was acquired to increase momentum and drive even more business.  “We decided we needed a domain name that would help us become the largest online precious metal retailers in the world and believe we have found that with,” said Saville.

The company intends to use the same model they developed with to sell gold and silver online. What better place to sell silver than on was probably one of the final sales consummated in 2012, and it will go down as one of the largest of the year. In fact, it was the third largest publicly reported sale of 2012 according to DNJournal. Congratulations to both parties, as it appears will help a growing company.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. As a newby I’m trying to estimate the value of silver names way down the food chain based on this sale. I’m guessing good 2 word names would be valued at about -90%… roughly the $87k mark? … and downwards from there?

    • Neil, your thinking is all wrong.
      Understandable and very common new domainers (and slow learners) but its a fallacy.

      To put it most simply, regardless of ‘keyword commonality’, domains are not contingent on one another in any way. If sells for a million dollars, it doesn’t mean that putting ABC in some other domain name makes it worth a bit of that sale.

      Of course, when a category killing domain name sells for a lot of money, that’s usually a symptom the industry is lucrative and desirable domains in that niche are worth money; the catch is what “desirable” means. There are essentially no lucrative industries where the ‘better’ domain names in .com are till available, so what you see with beginning domainers who don’t understand where value comes from is dabbling in worthless extensions (not understanding the right of the dot) or worthless keyword strings (not understanding the left)

    • Roy happens to be right. I would not waste any money hand registering silver-related domain names right now based on this sale. I would imagine the valuable silver-related domain names have been long registered, and those that are unregistered have been passed over for a reason.

      Too many people think that every domain name is worth something. There are plenty of examples of domain names that aren’t even worth the registration fee.

      One solid sale may boost the value of a select few domain names, but it doesn’t have meaning for countless others. In fact, some people might think selling for $875k isn’t actually a great sale but is a great deal for the buyer, although sold for $250k a few months ago:

    • I second this. End user rules. Buyer pays premium price for a particular domain name doesn’t mean all domains with same keywords can get premium price too. Personally I think $875k is a very good price to JMBullion. I have sold several domains in low 6 figure e.g. $138k. I have to admit that end user has better knowledge about the value of domain than most investors. I still own 1997 registered at the moment and waiting for the right buyer.

  2. Interest in precious metals silver investment has grown tremendously over the past 5 years. Interest in investing and holding the physical metal, as opposed to holding paper, has exploded over the past year. Silver, Gold and Platinum are the big three. Silver has the extra allure of being both a monetary metal as well as an industrial metal. What’s more interesting, IMO, is that more silver is being sold than replenished by mining and recycling. If more investors start demanding physical delivery of the metal, the price of silver will go parabolic again. This is part of the reason that bullion sellers have so much cash right now to invest and that’s why I purchased Decent type in traffic, but killer RPM. While I wouldn’t necessarily go out and hand reg. domains, I would look very hard at bargains on the right keyword combos.

  3. Indeed, silver & gold is hot right now. But that doesn’t mean you should go out and register/buy any old domain with the word “silver” in it. is a once in a lifetime 1 word generic gem

  4. Doh! I was domain shopping at and went to type in the domain name: and guess who already acquired it? You did! haha j/k. I was about to purchase this domain name but realized it was taken so I figured I’d come check it out. Nice blog!


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