Sean Stafford: Help for a Fellow Domainer


First, I would like to thank Elliot for giving me this platform to discuss  an issue that has recently hit very close to home in the Domainer world.

My dear friend, Matthew Berrier, used to work for me at (located in  Louisville, KY) until he left to start his own domain brokerage firm.  He  has spent the past year building his fledgling business and has working day  and night to support his family. Matthew had even begun teaching his  daughter, Brianna Berrier, about domains – so much so that she had acquired  some names of her own and had even started her own business.

Tragically, on April the 12th, Brianna passed away.  She was 13 years old.

With her passing, they are left with an infant child and 12 year old boy  with a single family income.

Along with the emotional burden they now carry, they’ve also been dealt a  massive financial blow. I spoke with Matthew and the cost of the funeral,  arrangements, and everything else is going to exceed $15,000.  Currently  they are in need of funds to help bury their little girl.

If you are able to make a donation of any size it would mean the world to  Matthew and his family. has been setup as a memorial  site and also as a way to take donations.

You can make a direct PayPal donation to  and  please visit the site  to leave an inspiring comment  to the family showing your support. You can also keep up with the donation  amount at

Even if you cannot donate, leaving a kind word on the website would mean the  world to them.  Thank you for kind consideration. It is truly appreciated.

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