Now Accepting Euros

11 ShieldAt the end of February, announced that the company would begin accepting Euros for transactions, and the target date was sometime in April. This came as good news for domain investors in Europe, who most likely had to deal with currency conversion, which isn’t cheap.

I just heard that is now accepting Euros. This morning, the company released this ability on domain name and general merchandise transactions, and the currency is also supported through’s API.

The fees mirror the company’s USD fee schedule, but the minimum fee is 35 Euros (vs. $25 USD). Wire transfer will be the only incoming payment type and disbursement type for Euro-based transactions, and the company will not charge the seller a disbursement fee. Visit the fee calculator page to see the fee schedule.

I am told that will roll out Euro transactions for other transaction types such as vehicle, domain name holding, broker, and milestone “in the near future.”

Domain investors have requested that accept other currencies, and I will keep you updated if the company begins accepting additional currencies.


  1. Escrow is a great company, maybe time to open a office out there, seeing a lot more leads come out of Europe, they are usually a bit more receptive to go thru someone who has a office close to them, ie) Sedo escrow…

    • @MG
      We may in the future. As an escrow company, the transferring and replacing of trust funds can get complicated when involving PayPal and credit cards. If the business warrants it, you will see us expand the options.

    • really needs to add £ british pounds
      established in the 12th century

      the euro was 1999 off top of my head and I guarantee the euro will cease to be a currency in a few short years

      please don’t make us wait months for this
      it can’t be difficult to incorporate
      then domainnamesales will add as an option rather than just $ also

  2. Offering Euro pricing brings into direct competition with

    Not much competition though: Euro pricing: 3.5% (minimum €35) pricing: €6.98 fixed all-in

    I don’t see how is going to win any business in this market with being so much cheaper (and is already well established in Europe and the Euro market as well as other currencies).

    • Wow, how could you not have heard of them ?

      For example, this was a press story last December:

      ‘When Nick Holzherr, finalist of the BBC Apprentice 2012, wished to buy the domain name for his radical ingredient ordering business (first pitched to Lord Sugar in the BBC Apprentice 2012 final, and now secured by leading venture capital funding), he chose to safeguard his domain-name purchase. allowed Nick to achieve the best escrow protection on the market today, by being able to specify his own escrow protection terms, to tailor fit the protection to his transaction.

      And with’s top-quality service, most impressive payment time-scales, and a price over 55% lower than other mainstream services (the final cost Nick paid for escrow was under $100), Nick was more than delighted with’s service when buying

      “The great customer service I got was unexpected at the price I paid but made the transaction easy. I’d recommend them to anyone.” Said Nick Holzherr.’

    • Nope… as far as I am concerned, I’ll only use unless the buyer insists upon using a company like Sedo or Afternic. Now that accepts Euros, I would be suspicious if someone required another escrow service to close a deal.

  3. Thanks Ed,
    Transpact looks good to me.
    Huge savings to be had when comparing to the usual suspects (Sedo, Escrow)…

    You ever used them. How seamless is their process?


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