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There was a pretty huge surge of traffic to my blog yesterday after the NameCheap article, and my blog’s server went down for a bit of time. One thing I really like about Liquid Web is that the tech support team worked hard on my behalf to quickly upgrade the server size, and it was back up and running within about 30 minutes with no ill affects. Thanks to them for their help – it’s their 24 hour service that I really like. Here are some updates.

  • According to a CNet article written by Paul Sloan,  Mike Mann’s 11,000 registration  day turned into a grand total of 14,962 hand registered names.  You can read quite a bit about Mike Mann’s background in today’s article, including some information about how he got his start in the domain business. I think you can glean that Mann is one of the foremost experts when it comes to buying and selling domain names, so his strategic purchase of nearly 15,000 hand registered domain name will almost certainly pay off for him, especially considering his Domain Market platform and sales team that works on his behalf.
  • One of the most interesting things in the article is that Mann reports that Domain Market “brings in about $400,000 a month.” If you follow Mann on Twitter or Facebook, you know that most of his sales aren’t splashy names that sell for huge individual numbers. He is regularly making end user sales on domain names he probably hand registered or bought on the drop within the last few years.
  • There are two interesting articles about Go Daddy Auctions on and Should be interesting to see if GoDaddy adapts and how they do that. The big winner will likely be DomainTools since their Whois history tool can help see the registrant prior to privacy if that’s what they do.
  • As posted on my website, I sold this week. The buyer is a company in the business, and I don’t know whether additional information about the sale will be released. I think the company got a great domain name, and I was satisfied with the sales price. Although I found the buyer on my own, I want to thank Sedo and Afternic for putting together solid presentations on how they could sell the domain name on my behalf.
  • One tip based on two recent sales. Try to encourage the buyer to keep the domain name at the current registrar. It can take up to 7 days for a registrar transfer, where an account change/push takes seconds. You’ll finish the transaction and be paid by much more quickly. Make sure the buyer knows he can transfer it to a registrar of his choice once he has possession of the domain name.
  • Has anyone tested on the new LeadRefs platform yet? I have no tried it out but it looks promising. If you’ve tried it out, let me know your thoughts and let me know whether I should sign up.
Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Hi Elliot:

    Doesn’t the domain have to be at your registar for 60 days until transfer to another registrar? As well, doesn’t the domain then have to be at the buyers registar for 60 days until he/she can transfer it to another registrar of their choice?

    Just curious what your take is on this because transfer rules alwasy confuse me.


  2. @ Mark

    Only new registrations need to stay at the same registrar for the first 60 days. They can be pushed to a different account at the same registrar within the first 60 days but not transferred elsewhere.

    I believe Godaddy has a policy that account changes there lock the name up for 60 days. I almost always have a name transferred to Moniker if it’s at Godaddy to avoid the hassle of finding the right person to release the domain name.

    @ Jason, John, and Darryl

    Thanks 🙂

    I am excited to see the buyer use the name. I think it’s going to help his business.

  3. depending on the registrar it can take a max of 10 days to transfer a domain.
    On June 1 this willbe no longer be an issue since the losing registrar has to send a FOA also. Agree to that one and we talking about almost instant transfers.
    All ICANN accredited registrars have to implement this and go live on June 1.

    Just a FYI 😀

  4. LeadRefs is great at identifying candidates for TRUNCATIOn and TRUNCATION is the key to the end-user kingdom. BFITZ exactly. This s how you do it! Congrats. And congrats to Elliot as well. That is a heavy cloud name and I hope you found it a proud home.

  5. Registering so many domains is not something to be celebrated. What the Mann has basically done is made it all the more harder for webmasters to find domains of their choice. Parking is not fun.


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