Contest: Where Will Auction End?

If you aren’t a fan of the English Premier League, you may not know that Hotspur is the nickname of the EPL football (soccer) team from Tottenham. The team website can be found on, possibly because they didn’t have the foresight to register (or perhaps they didn’t want it – who knows).

I was a bit surprised to see up for auction on NameJet this week. The auction currently sits at $460 with 68 bidders, and it ends on Monday. Based on a Whois search I did, it appears that is a true drop rather than a private auction. has a creation date of March 1998.

Although Hotspur is the nickname of the EPL football club, there are several other clubs and companies using the Hotspur name (see the Wikipedia page for a few). The term is defined as “an impetuous or reckless person; a hothead,” and its origin is the nickname of Sir Henry Percy in the 1400s. I would imagine there are plenty of ways to use the name without running afoul of trademark laws.

All that said, I am wondering what you think the closing price will be. The person who is closest to the final price will get $100 from me via Paypal (doesn’t matter whether they are above or below the final amount). Contest closes on Sunday at 11pm eastern time. One guess per person or you’re disqualified. If there’s a tie, the prize will be split amongst the winners.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. I can assure you nobody ever refers to them as Hotspur, Hotspur is part of their name like United,City,athletic, their nickname is Spurs and they are always referred to as that, i wouldn’t pay $500 for the name, in a purely football respect it is worthless imo

  2. I agree the football team are most commonly known as spurs and not hotspur so doubt they will care about owning it but I guess there is a chance.

    My guess on the bidding based on other potential uses for the domain ( as an example) and the amount of bidders is going to be $9850

  3. As mentioned already, no-one ever calls them ‘hotspurs’ – in 40 years I’ve never once heard it. The club wouldn’t want the name for that reason IMO.

  4. Elliot

    Hotspur would make more sense relating to Spurs if it had an S on the end, even though their site doesnt, trust me.

    As someone mentioned above the more common term for the club is Spurs.

    Another common name for the fans is the Yid army, this was first used in a derogatory way towards their fans before it was embraced by them and you will now hear loud shouts of YID ARMY by their fans.

    £18,500 is my prediction.

    Your brother has class, UP THE ARSENAL!

  5. Elliot-

    Your brother has excellent taste in supporting Arsenal! And you clearly have great taste, too, if you follow them as well! I think you ought to purchase as an investment and allow your brilliant brother to create it as an Arsenal website. A site that screams:

    We love you Arsenal, we do!
    We love you Arsenal, we do!
    We love you Arsenal, we do!
    Oh Arsenal we love you!

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