Results From Sedo’s 4 Letter .com Auction


Sedo hosted a 4 letter .com domain name auction that concluded yesterday. This themed auction is separate from the monthly Great Domains auction. Although the sale resulted in just over $24,000 worth of domain name sales, I think it is worth highlighting because it offers some insight into the current state of the 4L .com marketplace.

The top three sales in the auction were for $2,550, for $2,050, and for $1,605. I do not see any one word names that sold in this auction, so I suspect most would be used for their acronym value.

In total, 38 four letter .com domain names were sold, and the average sale price was $635. Here is the full list of domain names that sold along with the sale price. $2,550 $2,050 $1,605 $1,350 $1,150 $951 $726 $710 $610 $601 $552 $510 $510 $501 $459 $459 $420 $419 $410 $409 $409 $409 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399 $399

Notably, these sales most likely have not closed yet. Sedo will report them to NameBio once payments are received and the domain names are transferred.


        • This is a “brandable” domain and has no meaning. The company’s Russian name is Сидр (meaning cider, the beverage). Proper transliteration of the Russian сидр would be “sidr”. They went with double “e” to represent “i” sound, so this “sedr” is not even similar. There is no such word or a known abbreviation in Russian language.

          • I have looked more at their site and see that English “seed” is the true origin of their name, as their business is some kind of digital content distribution.

          • There you go, we live & learn not up to understanding Russian linguists I simply thought shorten the name & if it was a generic create.the brand.
            Like developing TheRussian (com) as a social media support to a vodka brand

  1. I bought so many 4 L domains dirt cheap 5 yrs ago, as cheap as $10 a piece at namepros by some people who called themselves domain experts or professionals that think they know everything and 4l were useless like the 4N.
    Now I can sell more than $10.
    domains like,

    someone offered me,zmmr .com 6 figures but I turned down because I don’t need the money.

  2. >>Sad prices. Never sell an LLLL .com for less than $7,500.
    > why

    simply uncountably too Many ““fat – fingers “”

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