Spotted: Two Totally Different Domain Names

I am always on the lookout for good domain names when I am out and about. Earlier today, I took a drive to Canton, Massachusetts to pick up some beer from a great brewery called Trillium. I ran in their 5k a couple of weeks ago, and I ran past a church that was using a .Church domain name. I didn’t get a chance to take a photo of the church sign then, but I remembered to do it today when I was in the area again.

On my way to take the photo of the .Church sign, I stumbled across a totally different domain name on the back of a truck. Apparently, there is a Del Monte warehouse right near Trillium, and the backs of their trucks proudly display the url (along with was created back in 1997.

Here’s a photo of the back of the truck:

The sign that originally caught my attention a couple of weeks ago was for a church called The Link Church. They use TheLink.Church for its domain name. It looks like another church with the same name owns Coincidentally, another church located in a different town with the same (Canton, Ohio) owns I think using this particular .Church domain name is a good idea for this church given the lack of availability (and possibly affordability) of other on-brand domain names. TheLink.Church domain name was created back in 2014.

Here’s a photo of the church sign:

In my opinion, this is a prime example of why the new gTLD domain names can be useful.

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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    • I don’t mind them at all. I do not think they are good investments for my portfolio, but there are plenty of examples of smart ways to use them.

      The other day I saw a guy with a shirt that had a http://www.MAHL.Hockey logo. That domain name forwards to Thought that was neat, too.

      • It is important to always keep in mind why many of us criticize the “New gTLDs”; believe me, it would have been nice for those of us who weren’t smart enough to load up on great short, memorable, meaningful, dictionary word, N,NN, et etc .COMs, such as Schwartz, for the new G’s to have given us a second opportunity, but we have to be truthful about the scheme.

        The new G’ operators are charging sinful amounts for renewal, and in some cases, thousands of dollars to register them, but more importantly, they have the ability to change the price upwards, albeit with some notice; they can practically take your name from you, after following time sensitive rules. That’s a HUGE negative.

        So, people like Murphy, and yourself, Elliot, only concentrate on the “adoption” problem with the New G’s, but there are many more problems with it.

    • There are different types of domainers. A broad and open-minded domainer never has problems giving complements to TLDs he isn’t investing in.

      To churches, I think using .church makes more sense than using .com because churches aren’t commercial entities.

  1. I was walking in my neighborhood and saw a house is being remodeled , there was a work truck plus a big sign ..gerryhomes dot com and looks pretty cool. So I decided to hand reg
    oh well….

  2. “The Link Church” totally sounds like worshippers of something digital. Maybe their god is the Mighty Domain Name?

  3. i see no problem using new gtlds domain names for an info related website that don’t take in money but they must include the “www.” in front of their domains to let the average joe know it’s a website.

  4. They probably thought at $4,200 from HugeDomains was totally outrageous. For $7 they got a .church which works perfect for them. If you are a business that must drive every bit of traffic to your website then you must own a .com but f you are not then a new gtld will work perfectly. At least they were smart enough to add the www to their name. Those who don’t know would be clueless if the www was not there.

      • Not true. Millenials are a huge market for new trend churches. Com is perfect. Org is old school for the grandparents of these kids. It’s all about marketing and a org is antique to the hip market they are trying to attract.

  5. Yesterday I increased the prices on my new gs and on some damn good .coms from 1K to 5k. eg: USA.Estate. I make re-search that good new gs with standard renewal are taken as well.

  6. Nice how they smartly include the “www.”

    Elliot, that beer habit might do you in. Contrary to widely held myths, all alcohol consumption is bad for you.

    • What assumptions? If you mean me, you’ve been talking about your love of beer including your special beer fridge for ages. What’s left to assume? And yes, I’m well meaning.

      • Yesterday’s trip was to buy a gift for friends.

        Anyway, I know you didn’t mean any harm so we should get back on topic.

  7. I actually LOVE when people use not-dot-COM domains for their site.

    I have many domains (.com of course) that get traffic because someone else developed a .net or .org or .something-else etc.

    Two of my domains in the past used to get almost 5 figures of traffic daily and make mid-4-figure revenue per month for many years because other people developed other extensions. Those domains were and

    I actually used to own .us/org/net/info/biz extensions many years ago and then gradually dropped all of those domains in last 10 years (few thousands). All my domains are dot-COMs and only 1 is .org (

    I made many sales when I dropped .net/.org version of my dot-Com domains. People picked up those and then bought dot-com from me.

    I have absolutely no problem with new gTLDs.

    Diversity is Divine.

  8. I didn’t realize that Del Monte’s business name is actually Fresh Del Monte Produce LLC and was wondering why freshdelmonte dot com had investor information on it . Well, that explains it. I see they also have delmonte dot com, which is a slightly different Del Monte site.

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