Acquired via Sedo for $264,000

Another large sale will be added to the 2019 domain name sales reports at DNJournal and NameBio. was sold for $264,000 in December of 2019. The domain name was brokered by Sedo Senior Broker Dave Evanson, and although Dave nor Sedo reported the sale publicly, Dave confirmed that he brokered the sale of the domain name. As you can see, a business has already been launched on the domain name.

To learn more about this acquisition, I chatted via email with Benjamin Lode, Managing Director and Co-Founder of I was told the company had been thinking about acquiring since October of 2019, and they were able to acquire the domain name by December.

Here’s what Benjamin told me about why the company spent $264k to buy this domain name:

“The reason for spending so much money (even though I think it is pretty cheap for such a domain) was branding. We’re planning to release our Software Review and Comparison Website in 2020 and don’t want to be just one of many comparison Websites out there – therefore, you need a name everybody remembers.

We’re striving for high-quality reviews and have zero tolerance for fake reviews — something not everybody in the industry is doing.”

I agree with Benjamin that $264,000 for is a pretty great deal for the buyer. In looking through my emails, I can see that Dave Evanson had been working on selling for several months in 2019. I can also see the domain name listed for sale with another broker back in 2007 with a mid six figure price tag. Some names like are exceptional, but that huge offer never gets closed. A domain registrant can either continue waiting it out or sell for the best offer achieved within a set time period.

Once this $264,000 sale is confirmed by Ron Jackson, it will become one of the top 25 publicly reported domain name sale of 2019. It will rank just about the $250,000 sales of and, and it will rank just below the $270,000 sale of

Elliot Silver
Elliot Silver
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  1. Dear Domain Investors:

    “I agree with Benjamin that $264,000 for is a pretty great deal for the buyer.”

    Why am I:

    1. Surprised a great commercially useful top of mind word domain like that would go for such a low price?

    2. Not surprised Sedo is associated with brokering such a “great deal for the buyer”?

    For bonus points, I’d have to check my records which I don’t have time for right now, but pretty sure this Dave Evanson fellow is the same guy that:

    1. I’ve personally had a “problem” with in prior years regarding pricing a domain I wished to sell, as in rather rough opposition to lower my expectations.

    2. Who has boasted about the sale of having been such a great sale when in reality it was a steal for the buyer of that one too.

    For extra special extra bonus points:

    1. Did Sedo and specifically even one of its founders themselves try to prevent a purchase I was making many years ago from being completed so that they could actually step in when the deal tanked, claim I had not fulfilled my end of the bargain, and then “steal” the domain I was buying which appeared to have such enormous potential and be one of the most desired domains at the time? A domain that even domainers themselves had been discussing in glowing terms in one of the most famous domain forums of the time, which I was fortunate enough to be buying under the radar at an incredibly good price? Hmm…

    It grieves me to have to do this and I’d rather not, but sometimes you’ve gotta do the uncomfortable for the higher good and the sake of everyone.

    • I don’t particularly like the idea of making accusations anonymously like that, which would prevent Sedo or Dave Evanson from rebutting.

      If I tell Dave Evanson I want him to sell and he tells me the best offer he can procure in the alloted time is $200,000, I can either take it or leave it. If I feel the deal is not as good as it could be, I can say “thanks, but no thanks” and try my luck elsewhere or at a different time. Dave and Sedo are not forcing domain owners to sell their domain names if they do not want to sell them for the offer amount the are able to procure.

      • If it were only as simple as “this is the best offer I can procure or think I can procure” I wouldn’t even bother mentioning anything. I’m all about “truth in domaining” which can and doubtless does affect the industry and market itself for the shared good and interests of all including me vs. the few.

  2. Noted today
    Pierluigi Buccioli
    • 1st
    Gambling Domains Collector, Online Entrepreneur
    4h •
    Since I didn’t sign a NDA, I can announce the sale of GolfBet․com for $100k. The buyer was a law firm representing a third party, who I’ve reason to believe will turn out to be the PGA Tour. Make of it what you want re pro leagues moving towards cashing in from sports betting.

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